What to do when a family member is an anti-masker?

She walks by “We Believe… Science is Real” signs every day and yet…

I mentioned the need to follow guidance from Dr. Fauci (not last month’s guidance, of course, but this month’s!):

What to do with this household member who puts herself, her family, and the entire country at risk?

7 thoughts on “What to do when a family member is an anti-masker?

  1. She is pretty cute. That is well worth an exception. Plus, any vet bills would be your own only anyways.

  2. Philg – I think you’re totally reading this situation wrong. The Crippler is clearing very pro-mask and enjoying the face covering. Looks like she would be upset if you took it away from her.

  3. As we all know with Golden Retrievers, it’s always: “Who owns whom?” Mindy’s going to be just fine, she’s got the right attitude.

  4. Well, coronaviruses are a lot more dangerous to dogs than they are to humans. Not the COVID-19 though, as dogs are practically immune to BS.

  5. @Philg, so who’s picture is on the other side of the mask that Mindy is ripping apart, Trump or Biden?

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