Young slender Ukrainian blonde moves to Sweden to produce pornography

For the Church of Shutdown faithful, Sweden’s lower death rate from COVID-19 can be explained primarily by the Swedes being masked and mostly shut down. By continuing to run schools, offices, restaurants, and gyms, the Swedes are merely practicing a variant form of shutdown. Without evidence or knowledge, American Shutdowners will simply assert that everyone in Sweden is wearing a mask. Sometimes white American Shutdown Karens will says that Sweden is a special case because the Swedes are vastly more intelligent than Americans (this might be a swipe at our darker-skinned underclass, which they believe does not exist in the Land of Blondes (in fact, 25 percent of Swedes are immigrants or children of immigrants)).

Enter @SvitlanaNosul, publishing smartphone videos that can be described only as “pornography” (showing humans doing things that are shocking to our sensibilities, e.g., riding the subway without masks). Examples:

Her Twitter bio:

I was born in the USSR, grew up in independent* Ukraine, and now live in the kingdom* of Sweden I stand for the truth and the right to be a free human being

She is lucky that she didn’t emigrate to Maskachusetts!

11 thoughts on “Young slender Ukrainian blonde moves to Sweden to produce pornography

  1. A long (biased of course!) article that has some excellent info on things going on in Sweden that people in the US maybe not aware of. And shows some of the tensions between various groups of people.

    “Sweden actually recommends against masks everywhere except in places where health care workers are treating COVID-19 patients (some regions expand that to health care workers treating suspected patients as well).”

    So.. if things continue to get worse.. what do people think Sweden will change/do differently?

    • Paul: thanks for that article. I think it is interesting because the implied value of freedom is $0. The author sits in the U.S. after half a year of shutdown, children being denied education, and mask fights, while enduring a higher death rate than Sweden has had, and declares Sweden to be a horrifying failure as a society.

    • I’m going to leave this link here

      Tl;dr – excess deaths peaked in April at levels not seen since the last major flu epidemic in the early 90s. Since June, deaths from all causes in Sweden are trending about 1-2% lower than the past 5 years.

      So I think that as Svitlana’s videos show, life has returned to normal in Sweden, which should be applauded.

  2. Where in the US, can we find a train station 1/2 as clean and organized as the one shown in the video by @SvitlanaNosul. THAT should be news, not COVID-19.

  3. The striking difference is that virtually everybody in the two videos is not obese. That by far is the biggest difference. What disgusting pigs we are. I know I need to lose 20lbs.

    • I’ve been doing the fasting thing and trying to eat clean…no processed food, if possible. I fast from 7pm to 11am. I also walk 3-4 miles per day. Already dropped six pounds. I’m 65 and it’s harder to lose weight. The old metabolism just ain’t what it used to be.

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