States ranked by coronashutdown level

Where can Americans find what had been regarded as their traditional liberties? Never-shut, never-masked Sweden, of course, but somehow it is tough to imagine them welcoming 330 million undocumented migrants.

Wallethub has put together a ranking of states by how aggressive their governors have been in restricting residents’ activities. Maskachusetts, with more than 50 governor’s orders so far, is 49/51 in freedom. Only California and Hawaii rank lower. Where can Americans enjoy what had been their Constitutional rights?

Intersecting the above with states that have no state personal income tax… the standouts are South Dakota, Wyoming, Florida, and Alaska.

A few photos from a late September excursion to Pittsfield, MA… The state government effectively closed the Appalachian Trail. People who had spent years preparing to be alone in the woods for months were thus prohibited from spreading coronaplague to squirrels and chipmunks.

At the mostly-empty Hilton Garden Inn:

Just going to have water?

At a closer-to-Boston state park. When handwashing and superior hygiene in general are the keys to controlling a virus, one great strategy is to close most of the public restrooms. This sign directs patrons to bathrooms that are a 20-minute round-trip walk away.

How about California, one of the two states more restricted than Maskachusetts? A tweet from the governor:

The text says to do the opposite of what health care workers are trained to do. “Never touch your mask” becomes “Touch your mask to install/deinstall it between every bite of food.” The image, however, says to minimizing touching the mask. #ScienceIsComplex ?

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  1. I took a look at the Wallethub page you link to and it claims to have a graph comparing covid restrictions to the covid death rates. A quick spot check showed claims that NY, NJ and CT have low covid death rates, which is of course nonsense when other sources show them as the highest. Perhaps their other data is accurate and that is a fluke, but that suggested to me that perhaps caution is warranted.

    • The current reasoning, I think, is that a state in which 100 percent of residents, other than the governor, are killed by COVID-19 is actually the best-governed state because the COVID-19 deaths going forward are sure to be minimal (either 0 or 1). This is what enables U.S. media to celebrate heroes such as Andrew Cuomo.

  2. Thank goodness it’s World Mental Health Day.

    Here’s what Google is doing. Some very non-gay empathic sufferer dude with an earring says:

    “We’re going through a lot right now. How are you? How are you doing?”

    How do I know he is non-gay? I really don’t. I’m relying on the old 80’s semaphores “Most commonly in the 80s, wearing an earring in your left ear was a statement showing that one was oriented towards the opposite sex. Less known, perhaps, was the symbolism of having an earring in your right ear, which meant you may have been attracted to the same sex. The motto was, “left is right, right is wrong.”

    A compassionate sister says: “Girl, it’s rough. And I get you.”

    If you want some traditional liberties (and lots of nontraditional ones) on this World Mental Health Day, you can go to New Hampshire (ranked 26th, about mid-pack) and vote for the anti-police Satanist who is running for Sheriff as a Republican in Cheshire County:

    “Anyone who takes a look at me knows pretty much right off the bat that I’m clearly not a Republican,”

  3. At this point mask anything is simply a crime against humanity. Even in the unlikely event the masks ever helped there is no way they help now.

  4. We went to amusement park in Idaho at September. It was great! Few people wore masks (which are useless on water slides anyway). Overall it was packed.

    BTW, my prediction is that after election science will suddenly change, virus will become completely benign and it will be ok to unmask and re-open.

  5. What I think is pretty amazing is that the gender-bending Satanist running for Sheriff as a Republican (without a mask in that photo) in New Hampshire says a lot of things I agree with, at least in priniciple: she’s opposed to the “god of the day” which she calls “the State” and I think that’s awesome, particularly in “Live Free or Die” New Hampsbire, but anywhere else for that matter, as we find ourselves sliding into a form of permanent Statist control that will be irreversible. She’s in favor of the individual right to keep and bear arms, which I don’t need to explain my support for here. She doesn’t think the police should go around harassing and arresting people who aren’t doing anything wrong, and I couldn’t agree more with that.

    She’s suing John Sununu over the statewide mask order!

    “The 57-page lawsuit alleges that Keene, which passed a mask ordinance on August 6, lacks the authority to enact such a requirement. The suit also argues that Sununu has improperly extended a state of emergency provision, and that “there is no longer an emergency in New Hampshire, or even a threat of one.”

    She’s a lot more of an exhibitionist than I am with the tattoos and the red hair, and I don’t know whether the “coexist” tattoo is really ultimately tenable as a way of life (has it ever been?) And while I generally support the efforts of law enforcement to maintain law and order when people have their rights and property violated, and think “F*** the police” tends to make their job harder, not easier, overall, her Libertarian ideas aren’t bad. Certainly better than what Clinton, Sanders, Harris, Warren, et. al. have planned for all of us.

    If we’re going to keep going on forever with God of Shutdown / Goddess of Masks running our government, punishing people, locking everything down, closing schools, ruining businesses, driving people crazy, wasting untold years of life, etc., and ramping up their efforts only to have everything keep regressing to the mean (which is unstoppable), I’d much rather have her as my Sheriff.

  6. I am a bit baffled by your reference to Sweden in the original post. If you are trying to imply that there has been no restrictions in Sweden, that is not correct. It is true that Sweden took a different than most, but that did incur a max gathering limit of 50 very early on and has stuck with that throughout. From early summer Sweden has had the same policy as the other nordic countries. Interestingly enough, despite not having locked down the country, research indicates that Sweden was hit almost as hard on national spending as Denmark despite having 4 times the deaths per capita.

    How liberty and pandemic restrictions intersect with migrants however went over my head.

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