Get your yard ready for Election Day

From a single house near our local airport (in Lincoln, Massachusetts):

One of my big concerns with the above is that the LGBTQIA+ rainbow flag, part of the Biden-Harris sign, is placed in an inferior position to the American flag, which the 1619 Project informs us is a symbol of oppression (not to mention treason against legitimate British rule that would have ended slavery decades earlier!). In what moral universe does the Flag of Slavery (TM) get to be placed higher than the Rainbow Flag of Tolerance?

(Note that “Science is not a Liberal Conspiracy” is illustrated with lithium, useful for treating poor mental health occasioned by forgetting to take away the Deplorables’ right to vote.)

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  1. Good catch with lithium:) They do show only one electron per orbital for three identical ones (never mind that s and p orbitals don’t look like ellipsoids even if you squint really really hard). The more a liberal clown professes his belief in science, the more ignorant of the actual science he is. The university “scientists” are the worst offenders, being the prolific generators of junk passing as “science” these days.

  2. You’re obviously being driven nuts by liberals and the liberal enclave you live in. I’m genuinely curious what is the big issue that is triggering for you at such a deep level?

    • I cannot answer for Phil but what disgusts me about American “liberals” is their arrogance and hypocrisy, combined with sheer stupidity (how can anyone with IQ above that of a cabbage head could be in favor of socialism – the death cult which already murdered more than 100 million people in the last century?) and smug intolerance to anything remotely challenging their dogma – intolerance which recently morphed into outright fascism, complete with brownshirts in the streets and (digital) book burning by Big Tech. I saw this kind of people in Soviet Union – they were the Comsomol and CPSU apparatchiks and KGB “volunteers”. Never expected to see this kind of scum ever agaib to be so visible and in force when I emigrated to US.

    • GC: I think you’re providing a good example of how Progressives today use the old standard technique of asking a woman “Are you having your period?” if she says something that is difficult to argue against rationally. Various Socialist/Communist paradises have also done this. A person who disagrees with the government is treated as mentally ill (e.g., “triggered at a deep level”).

      (As it happens, I’m kind of delighted by the apparently logical paradoxes and associated mental gymnastics of rich Progressives. The pavement-melting SUVs being driven by climate change alarmists. Advocating a two-acre zoning minimum that keeps property values out of reach of any but the rich while beating one’s chest regarding diversity. Republicans, by contrast, are not interesting. What’s interesting about a wealthy business owner who says “I am voting for Trump because he cut corporate taxes and also because he increased the estate tax exemption and I want my children to have a larger inheritance”? Or the working class American who says “I am voting for Trump because he will seek to limit the low-skill immigration that lowers my wages and raises my rent”?)

    • I wasn’t trying to imply that you were actually losing your mind, just that it made you angry. Though I can easily see how you read it that way. My bad.

      Thanks for the real response in the parenthetical. I do understand how painful blatant hypocrisy can be and the hypocrisy of the rich and powerful even more so.

    • GC, how on earth do you get to “angry?” I’ve been reading Phil’s blog for years, and I think a more accurate vibe is “wry, detached bemusement.”
      Progressives are really good at projection. Since they are constantly angry for many stupid reasons all the time, they think everyone else is too.

    • Randall: I do have my dark moments! Here’s my report to a Telegram group (of pilots) on lunch today at the Chatham, Maskachusetts airport: The rest of you missed the World’s Biggest Douchebag. [A Bonanza Enthusiast member] will be pleased to learn that he was a Cirrus SR22 pilot. Started up on the ramp about 50′ from the picnic tables where people were trying to enjoy their restaurant food. Instead of taxiing a few hundred feet towards the departure end of the runway at this uncontrolled airport, and then completing whatever he needed to do, King Douche sat in place for at least 15 minutes and finally taxied out. A PC-12 landed, taxied in, and shut down during this event. It was never as loud as the Cirrus. I said “I bet they are shut down within 20 seconds of stopping”. In fact, the condition lever was pulled about 7 seconds after the wheels stopped moving.

      [A big reason that I was triggered was that most of the customers at this restaurant were not pilots, but locals who enjoy coming out to the airport.]

  3. What’s also notable about Lithium in its indications for bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses is that #Science has no real idea why it works! They know that it does something better than some other things, but there’s no real understanding of what it is doing and how. So the #Science isn’t much better than Galen’s humours ( Better manufacturing and nicer packaging. If it wasn’t lithium, it might as well have been Polonium for all it matters (but they wouldn’t let anyone take Polonium. At least they understand the nuclear physics a little better.)

    From Medical School 2020, Year 2, Week 26:

    “Most specialites have diagnostic imaging and tests. Psychiatry doesn’t, with the exception of some new expensive functional imaging. Think of psych disorders like trying to treat heart or kidney disorders 100 years ago. We barely understand them. We are in the Caveman age of psych drugs. We are just beginning to tap into the mechanisms of the brain disorders.”

    So could we say that it might be a conspiracy of ignorance?

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