Investment Idea: Short snow tires

People buy snow tires because they are forced to drive in the snow, right? Workers have to get to work. College students have to get to school.

In a cower-in-place Nation of Shutdown, however, we don’t have to go anywhere on a typical day. We can stay home when the weather is nice, when the weather is mediocre, and when the weather is nasty. We can stay home, in short, nearly all of the time.

What is the value of snow tires to a worker when the office is no longer a destination?

This gives rise to my latest brilliant investment idea… short snow tires! Who in their right mind would purchase this product in 2020?

Bonus: Mindy the Crippler using her built-in snow tires…


One thought on “Investment Idea: Short snow tires

  1. Probably won’t work. 🙁 My snow tires (back when I used to buy them) came from Finland (nokian). [In “the old days”, there was just one dealer (in Wisconsin) who imported these!] Finland is looking OK vs. shutdown issues? Other snow tires probably account for so little sales, it likely wouldn’t matter. Most folks (other than us smart ones?) use all season tires (which is probably why a lot of driving here in the Winter has always been insane, especially right after the first snow: when everyone forgets how to drive [slowly? not here.]).

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