“It is better to report someone who’s innocent than to not report someone who’s guilty.”

My mole at Penn State was sentenced to attend a mandatory-for-all-students sexual assault training program. After being shown this video (try to guess the skin color and gender ID of the perpetrator of the assault!), the assembled students were reminded “It is better to report someone who’s innocent than to not report someone who’s guilty.”

14 thoughts on ““It is better to report someone who’s innocent than to not report someone who’s guilty.”

  1. This is bigger than Trump/Biden, masks/no masks etc. Regardless of election out come and the lifespan of the pandemic, there are those who delight in the erosion of freedom in many forms. The pandemic gave them something of a free pass and they won’t relinquish it again without a fight.

  2. Shouldn’t students be getting anti sexual assault training, instead of sexual assault training? No wonder there’s a problem.

  3. Coming soon, students will be handed the “The Booklet of Happiness”. They will be required to carry it on them at all time and recite it in the mornings before heading to classes and in the evening before bedtime. They will be required to record and submit their recitation and the follow up Q/A to an online website. A pass rate of 0% will be accepted but a consistent pass rate of 100% will get you a seat at the High Table with the Dean and Faculties. At the High Table, you will be asked to recite “The Booklet of Happiness” [1] to see how worthy you are.

    All jokes aside, students have gone on strike for a lot of various reasons, are they now so blind that they don’t see where all this is heading? If so, than the decline of the USA is now officially under way.

    [1] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snUeLt75Xgs

  4. They’ve infantilized everyone and advised them to report everyone to the authorities. It’s a big industry.

  5. Alternate Narrative:

    Scene 1: “Who do you think I am, your sister? Get the fuck out of here, you asshole, or I’ll have my brother John rip your ass through your mouth.”

    Scene 2: “We should be lovers. Lesbians are better. Let me show you.”

    Scene 3: “Look, dude, I don’t want to suck your dick just ’cause I spilled some Evian on your crotch. But maybe I really do. We should talk about it over some hummus. You can be on top.”

    Scene 4: “I have a hijab. My brother Salman also has a big knife. Come over some time so he can show it to you.”

    Scene 4a (with the administrator): “Call your brother Salman. If that doesn’t work, I don’t know what to tell you.”

    Scene 5: “I’m not really a girl. But I like fucking with people’s minds. That’s really my problem, but now you have to accept it. I’m in therapy, and so are you.”

    “These aren’t easy situations to think about.”

    Yes they are. You need to be an adult and quit the bullshit.

    • I enjoyed this movie preview, but it would be better with a few car chases. The lesbian scene was hot. There shoild be at least on car chase, preferably with minivans, to attract the core audience of this blog.

    • @Mememe: It was a little lurid and risqué, and I hope Philip will forgive me because I did feel some reluctance to defile his blog with it. But maybe HBO or Netflix will buy the screenplay, since it’s so topical and obviously on everyone’s mind. I agree with the car chases, if you’re going to have action, you’ve gotta have some car chases. Maybe a bar fight scene or two, some great street fighting scenes. It’ll be a hit! I’ll credit you and we can split the proceeds.

      I don’t know whether Tom Cruise is available, but that’s a minor concern.

  6. What’s really amazing to me is that the University Industrial complex has succeeded in reducing its adult participants to sexual infantilism benefiting their administrators, like everything else they do – at great cost. This is why America is going to fail. The most important thing they don’t want is lawsuits, so they’ve established a “sexual care system” within the University where administrators adjudicate what is OK and what isn’t.

    Creating infantile creatures with more problems than anyone can solve, as fast as possible. This is the future of higher education in America: exponentially increasing costs to fund the ridiculous and sad.


    Grow up, grow a pair, treat people with respect always, think like an adult, act like an adult, and tell the Administrators to screw themselves.

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