Queer Ecology at Muir Woods

From a November 17, 2020 visit to Muir Woods…

Nature is rarely as simple as A, B, or C, especially in the “Queer Woods.”

Preservation of these trees from the commercial saw is mostly due to Native Americans and people who identified as “women”:

“Indigenous” is another way to be queer, apparently. The Native Americans are lumped into this sign series ($100,000 fine and one year in Federal prison if a Native American were to take offense and remove one):

If you’re going to have sex, it is ideal to follow the examples set by the banana slug and some butterflies (“same sex behaviors”):

Some miscellaneous photos, including an explanation of how bad it is for salmon when a river is “straight”:

(What’s the situation at Muir Woods during coronapanic? Parking reservations are required. Hardly anyone was there on a rainy day. About 75 percent of the visitors wore masks when wandering around the empty trails, though wearing a mask was not required.)

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  1. I struggle with nature similar to the way I struggle with LBGQIA+. I often look at a tree and think it is an oak tree only to learn that it identifies as a maple tree. I can only hope that I will become sensitive to the needs of all trees and to be cognizant that all the trees in the Black Forest matter. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Forest)

  2. It all sounds like some kind of alternate-universe joke except that these people are dead serious about educating your kids to think they’re genderfluid hermaphrodites from the moment they’re born. Notice there aren’t any references to the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts in their materials. I’m sure a lot of BSA/GSA kids visit the Muir Woods every year – now they can all find out they’re just like the banana slugs in the Queer Woods.

    Here are some Boy Scouts in 2015, earning their fire safety merit badges (with helicopter!) at Muir Beach. I guess they all have to be genderqueer now if they want to study the forest.


    “On Sunday morning, the fun continued when the Scouts
    were surprised with a visit from the California Highway
    Patrol. CHP officer and paramedic Ben Schmidt ran the
    Scouts through a quick tour of their helicopter and the
    rescue abilities of their team. “

    • I was in the boy scouts–learned quite a bit, visited mountains tho some i already kenw, and had alot of fun. They just filed for bankruptcy for sex abuse lawsuits against scoutmasters and leaders.

  3. Christina Hoff-Sommers wrote about this in the early ’00s. She was marginalized for her heretical views, but she’s still trying. She didn’t go to Harvard. NYU and Brandeis. Second-tier schools that don’t set the agenda. Carol Gilligan was at Harvard, but now she’s back an NYU, apparently.


    Here’s the book everyone should read. There are a lot more, but this is a good start. “The War Against Boys” – Simon and Schuster, 2001. The entire PDF is available online for free:


    “Shaping the gender identities of schoolchildren is a heady enterprise. And it is inspired and informed by the ideas of gender experts in some of our great universities. Preeminent among these is Carol Gilligan and her colleagues at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. They see themselves as participating in a profound revolution that will change the way society constructs young males. Once boys are freed of oppressive gender roles, they foresee a change in boys’ play preferences.”


  4. I am guessing this is just a case of the pendulum swinging the other way. And I don’t think the extremes of acceptance are anything close to the extremes of of repression from just a few short years ago. So maybe leaning back with a benevolent smile is the proper reaction here.

  5. The national parks are under federal jurisdiction, but I think that presentations like this are under local control. So the crazy is reflective of local crazy, not federal endorsement.

    The threat of criminal prosecution is troubling. The presentation admits that it is a highly controversial one — indeed, that’s the wjole point. The threats of legal action suggest a goverment endorsement of the contents this speech, rather than the physical manifestation of said speech.

    There is plenty of thought-provoking, factually true material in the presentation. But the presentation is very informed by larger political viewpoints that make the manner of display and implied official endorsement inappropriate.

    Mammals chiefly exhibit homosexual behaviour in times of stress. In mammals, homosexuality is a sign of an environment inconducive to survival. Conversely, trangenderism is slug-like. Among mammals, only humans mutilate themselves in such a manner, and this maladaptive behaviour is generally tied to physical deformity, and broader mental illness.

    • > Among mammals, only humans mutilate themselves in such a manner, and this maladaptive behaviour is generally tied to physical deformity, and broader mental illness.

      Try to find someone who will say that out loud and keep their job at the Department of Education during the Harris Administration.

    • Some federal employee’s annual performance appraisal probably includes a performance element that requires them to promote “gender diversity.” So this is a pretty creative approach that they can refer to in their self appraisal. Maybe they’ll get that performance bonus this year after all!

  6. The Native Americans were correct about selective burning of forests and other lands to prevent larger wildfires, by the way. As I’ve said before, I learned about that in the BSA. Try to get a license to do it in California now. You can’t. Unless the Sierra Club contols who they are issued to. And timing is everything!

    • What Trump should have done, or any of the other idiots in his Administration, is say on Twitter: “California has huge wildfire problems because you can’t get a license to do a controlled burn there because of Gavin Newsom.” But they were too stupid to do that. Or maybe Trump thought he’d have a casino license there eventually, or a golf course. So now they’re not going to get the chance to Save California.

    • This time they used Roumanian programmers who they paid $12.50 an hour, instead of the Bangladeshis who were being paid $6.25 an hour. I am getting all the details wrong, but I think you get the point

      Also, I am a racist because of this comment. The wrongs of American slavery 150 years ago can only be absolved if huge corporations are allowed to hollow out American exceptionalism to the lowest foreign bidder.

      And yeah, fuck Trump for forgetting his own shit don’t stink and only addressing these cultural issues when he failed in leading this country through a mass hysteria.

      One last thought. Tobacco is estimated to cause the premature death of 480,000 Americans a year. Covid might kill 300,000 Americans this year. So let’s ban tobacco, cut all the covid -related bullshit, and go on with our lives, to a net gain of lives.

      It is easier to fool people than it is to convince them that they’ve been fooled.

  7. This is just another form of “religious cult” as well discrimination as black-and-white as it can get on public land. If this group can express their views on public land the way they have, than any other group should have the right to do the same and post a sign next to those signs.

    • In what way are they discriminating? They are just trying to get people to reconsider what we see natural.. We have been taught homosexuality is unnatural over the last two centuries but only because it has been labelled this way, it is prevalent through history and nature. The white folk already were telling their side of the story on those massive boards, erasing half the history. This is the real discrimination.

    • @sk: That’s bullshit. Children don’t need genderqueer indoctrination comparing them to hermaphroditic gastropods and lepidopteric insects while they’re marveling at the wonderful spaces at the Muir Woods. This a couple of LGBTQIA+ activists threatening people with federal fines unless they force their kids to read their indoctrination literature on their hiking trips. They can stick that where the sun doesn’t shine, seriously.

    • @sk, it would not be discriminations — remember this is done on public property with public funding — if they also allow, next to those queer signs, opposite views as well. For example and I’m using an extreme case here to make a point, allow to stick confederate flags on those trees and / or carve the names and accomplishments of the confederate generals. No one should object, right? I think not but see for yourself as one recent example [1].

      We eliminated prayer and religious symbols from public schools, but are now allowing the views of some groups, but not all, to be expressed on public properties. Why?

      As for the “white” folk telling their side for centuries, well, that doesn’t make it right for today’s folk to force their side on all of us either — using public property and money. Or are you saying that because our great, great, great parents were “bad” to our great, great, great society we now have to accept whatever today’s society throws at us?

      Any group is welcome to exercise, share and spread their believes, just don’t do it using public properties using public funds. If you will allow certain groups such a right, then allow it to ANY group without questioning. This is the real discrimination.

      [1] https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-55326451

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