3 thoughts on “Evel Knievel bike for kids

  1. There are still some awesome, crazy people who not only allow, but encourage their kids to do dangerous things with off-road motorcycles, only 90 miles from our nation’s capitol buildings. They do wear helmets and other protective gear on the tracks, it’s true, but the spirit of Evel Knievel (and Bob Hannah, et. al.) lives on. I do hope the Harris Administration will exempt them from extermination.


    • Bob Hannah is an interesting read. One of my idols from the ’70s. Fearsomely fast MX racer, one of the guys who are just better than everybody else, and later an airplane racer:


      “After leaving motocross, Hannah took up the sport of airplane racing in the unlimited class flying airplanes such as the P-51 Mustang.”

    • And when I say: “Just better than anyone else” I mean: he had talent, but he worked hard at it and wasn’t too worried about what other people thought. He knew what they thought.

      “It boils down not to money or talent, but heart. And if you don’t have it in your heart, you’re a loser. I’ve always said that. The only reason I won was because I had heart. That’s it. I wanted to whip them. Now these guys, they don’t have in their whole body what McGrath has in his little finger. It is great for McGrath, because he’s just going to kick them a while longer.”

      There are people who know how to compete fairly and there are a lot of pretenders. We’ve got too many pretenders.

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