Karen has COVID-19 (California current case rate surpasses South Dakota’s)

California can legitimately claim to be the Land of Karen. No group of Americans has ever been more active in proclaiming their own superiority on a wide range of political issues. When coronaplague hit, therefore, it was only natural that California Karens dominated Facebook with tales of their superior shutdown and greater vigilance regarding masks. Their heroic and intelligent human action kept the virus from doing what it had done in other states.

When Californians weren’t celebrating their own achievements in prevailing in their self-declared war on coronavirus, they would spend a lot of time gleefully highlighting the high rate of plague in South Dakota, whose governor dared to deny their most cherished belief, i.e., that humans are in charge of the virus and can decide how prevalent infection will be. While the plague raged in South Dakota, the Media of the Church of Shutdown was packed with articles about the stupidity of South Dakotans, Republicans in general, and Kristi Noem in particular.

Today’s plague map from the CDC (cases within the preceding week/100,000 population):

The righteous of California were the 4th most plagued Americans, with 101 daily cases per 100,000 (averaged over the preceding 7 days). Wicked mask-denying never-shut South Dakotans? 66/100k. Righteous masked-and-shut folks in Maskachusetts? 68/100,000. Trump voters in Florida? 50 cases per 100,000.

Californians, in other words, are proving the Swedish MD/PhDS right, i.e., continental non-Asian countries can shut down if they want, but they probably won’t be special when the final stats are tabulated.

Who wants to bet on the number of U.S. media articles that will point out that the California current case rate, despite more than half a year of masks, exceeds that of no-mask-order South Dakota or that of no-masks-at-all Sweden?


9 thoughts on “Karen has COVID-19 (California current case rate surpasses South Dakota’s)

  1. The worst part of it is they are doubling down on their solution that doesn’t work. Also I believe the correct term is “Codyites”. Karens are the people who whine at you about not following the non-functional solution, Codyites are the people who dictate it.

  2. Facts and reason do not matter to Branch Covidians. By now in academia they consider getting COVID the same way getting syphilis is taken as something shameful… a proof of lack of virtue.

    What his pandemic has exposed is succintly summarized by Russian saying: A holy place doesn’t stay vacant. Get rid of a real religion, you’ll get all kinds of nasty cults.

  3. Meanwhile, the CDC says that normally at this time of year 5.6% of people have had the flu, but this year it is 0% and there are 0 cases of the flu in currently hospital beds. It’s a Festivus miracle! (or a huge portion of “c19 positive tests” are erroneously from the plain old flu).

  4. > speaking of Sweden, they’re still on track to have a
    > similar death rate for 2020 compared to 2010

    According to this analysis, a little lower than in 2010, and 2020’s death rate will be among the lowest in the last 90 years.

    • Thanks for that, Lord P. We cannot accept “among the lowest”. Shutdowns and masks will continue until the all-cause death rate reaches 0%.

  5. What does ze gallery think of the latest news from the UK, where a new strain has led to new shutdown?

  6. While we appreciate the special attention, California is a large and varied state, with something like 40 million people. In most areas of the world, California would be a country. Anyway, the difference between N Ca and S Ca is stark. Check the infection rates in Berkeley, CA, for example. They are very low. Compare this to Los Angeles, which is unfortunately really suffering right now. This is partially due to greater adherence to wearing masks and staying home, mostly due to affluence and education.

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