Aerial photos of Bowdoin College and Brunswick

The series continues… From our Robinson R44 helicopter. Tony Cammarata used his Nikon D850 to get these images of the rich kids’ liberal arts college, Bowdoin, in Brunswick, Maine, formerly best known for its Naval Air Station (now KBXM).

Choose from Africana Studies, Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies, Latinx Studies, Coastal Studies, and Cinema Studies (I would love to sit in on the Zoolander lecture!).

8 thoughts on “Aerial photos of Bowdoin College and Brunswick

  1. TIL Bowdoin has a football team.

    It turns out they play in the NESCAC, which is colloquially known as the Little Ivy. It includes schools like Amherst, Williams, and Wesleyan, which is the alma mater of Bill Belichick.

  2. Comment moderation advocates beware this message is totally off topic! (well actually this post kind of involves aviation) Phillip Greenspun is a very nice person. He put on a free online pilot class to the world that started today at great personal expense. The class subsequently went viral and in response he added another time slot! Mr. Greenspun has even offered to buy the entire county lunch if they don’t pass their written test, but we know he will have a 100% pass rate. Hooray for our host!

  3. How dare Bowdoin countenance their football team named the “Polar Bears” in this age of climate catastrophe? Rich American elitist kids playing football on a field with manicured grass and energy-wasting outdoor lighting, giving each other concussions in a violent, patriarchal sport, all for their own vainglorious thrill, while the real polar bears fight a losing battle for their very survival in a human-induced climate apocalypse. How Dare They!

    Somewhat related: Bill Belichick is an Andover and Wesleyan alum. Trump has just nominated him for the Presidential Medal of Freedom. I wonder if they’ll rescind his degrees if he accepts?

    • 1) The Polar Bears’ field is an artificial one, not grass.

      2) I mentioned Belichick above as an alumnus of the NESCAC

      3) Belichick can obviously sense which way the wind is blowing, as he turned down the PMoF.

  4. Two puzzles among the images.

    Fifth down, left column. Looks like a maze made of sheets hanging on stakes. What is it?

    Second down, right column, top right corner. Field of laid-out rectangles with objects in. What are objects?

  5. @Scarlet Number: Wow, that’s some nice astroturf. I should have included my link about Belichick inre: Bowdoin football. Back in 2017 the Bowdoin Orient published an op-ed that suggested (I guess tongue-in-cheek) hiring him as the football coach in response to their dismal season. Now I know more about Bowdoin athletics than I ever wanted to (lol), but you were first there.

    “So what does that mean? Would it take hiring Nick Saban to guarantee wins at Bowdoin? Bill Belichick, an Andover and Wesleyan alum?”

    And no! He didn’t accept the offer! It reminds me just a little of when Mike Ditka declined to run against Barack Obama for US Senate in Illinois after Jack Ryan blew himself up. Obviously this is just a Medal of Freedom, not a Senate race against Obama, but Belichick’s decision doesn’t surprise me.

    “He’s got name ID, and he’ll get the Bubba vote,” said House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, R-Texas.”

    “I’ve thought about it. I’ve talked to my family. I’ve talked to some close friends. I have a lot of commitments that I’ve made previous to this coming up, some obligations to my partners here at this restaurant. And therefore, it’s something that I can’t do at this time,” [Ditka] said.”

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