My pronouns are He/Her

A physicist friend lives in San Francisco and likes to have fun with psychology. Thus, whenever asked for pronouns, which is a common occurrence out there, the physicist’s response is “He/Her”. This leads to a brain freeze in the recipient of the information and an inability to form sentences.

This does raise a question of why people ask for “pronouns” rather than “pronoun”. Most of the customer support notes that I get from people at Linode, where this blog is hosted, are signed “Joe (He/Him)”, “Mary (She/Her)”, or similar. To avoid the cross-pronoun situation above, wouldn’t it be better to sign “Joe (He)” or “Mary (Her)”?

Part of an email from our local public school (in which, thanks to the First Amendment, there is no possibility of insisting that people follow an established religion…):

The link goes to a Human Rights Campaign Foundation page, “Talking About Pronouns in the Workplace” (why talk about work when you can talk about pronouns?)

12 thoughts on “My pronouns are He/Her

  1. I prefer his/he/him, but wonder why there isn’t any slot for plural pronouns. Suppose a person prefers “I and I” to “we”.

  2. My preferred pronoun iz “Master”. That’s how I expect the liberal cucks and their ugly female brain effers to address me – because I refuse to treat any of these willing slaves to State Almighty as my equals.

  3. “G” As in “Yo, G!”
    “Faggot” (covers everyone on the PBA Tour and Dan Savage ca. 1996)

    You don’t really want me to do the next one, do you? People might get mad.

  4. @Alex, you don’t have to go that far to offend today’s generation. I bet you even historical fact, like this one “The Men Who Built America” [1] if it was made and aired today, it would be rejected because it leaves out all other groups.

    As a side note, if you watch this documentary, you will see that it was the American men who did all the heavy lifting to build American, not the government like we have today.


  5. This list in “The Men Who Built America” is already skewed towards curtain PC narrative. Where is Samuel Colt, Issac M. Singer, Haym Salomon, Robert Morris, Edison, Tesla and dozens and hundreds more of lesser known but as or more important historical figures. Wright brothers? In a way current situation is continuation of prior BS.

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