Marie Antoinette of Covid

While gathering at a friend’s house (following the examples of politicians and public health officials, rather than their statements), we were pondering the question of whether it was legal to do what we were doing under the 59 orders issued thus far by our governor. “Why is it a maximum of 10 people,” our hostess wondered, “regardless of the size of the house? Shouldn’t it be adjusted for square footage?” She’s an immigrant from Europe and the house, if you count the finished basement area, is close to 8,000 square feet in size. I said “That statement makes you the Marie Antoinette of Covid.”

Explicit virtue declaration: We were a group of 9.

Related, Versailles in 2016, completely unspoiled by tourism:

(and who could have imagined that a respiratory virus would evolve to take advantage of the above situation?)

Also, five gals who are perfect candidates for a forced COVID-19 vaccine “for their own benefit”:

6 thoughts on “Marie Antoinette of Covid

  1. This past Saturday, I was at our local Market Basket supermarket here in Waltham. Apparently, they reached the State allowed capacity and thus a line was formed outside the store. All is good and well. However, as soon as you are in the store, NO one was 6 feet apparats, many were elbow-to-elbow. This I have seen anywhere I go even restaurants where they have empty tables in-between used tables — once people start moving, they simply move ignoring the 6ft rule.

    BUT, when I’m taking a walk on the street around my block or even in a parking lot, to-from-store-car, guess what, almost EVERYONE makes the extra effort to distance themselves when crossing paths with others, this is in the OPEN air for God sake with masks on!!! Go figure.

  2. …and none of these 59 orders are even remotely legal.

    The rule of law in this country has been eroding for decades. Now it’s oficially dead.

  3. Rumor has it, Versailles is too crowded for anyone to realistically go inside anymore without being part of a mob. Versailles was the product of the perfect government, single party rule, no voting scandals, no opposing party spreading viruses.

  4. I’ve actually been referring to Nancy Pelosi as Marie Antoinette ever since that interview where she was boasting about her very expensive freezer full of very expensive ice cream at the same time as tens of millions of Americans were being forced out of work.

  5. Why force those young women to vaccinate? They don’t look obese to me! Do they have high blood pressure?

    • That’s the beauty of it. If they were actually at risk from COVID-19, we wouldn’t have to force them!

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