Bath, Maine from the Air, in foliage season

The series continues… near the peak of foliage season (mid-October) we decided to fly from Boston to Bar Harbor, Maine, following the shoreline, in a Robinson R44 helicopter. Tony Cammarata was in back with a door removed (frosty!) and a Nikon D850. Instrument student Vince Dorow was with me in the front seats.

Bath, Maine, home of Bath Iron Works. In the images below, you’ll the USS Lyndon B. Johnson. He got us into the quagmire of the Vietnam War and this destroyer got taxpayers into a quagmire of cost overruns and delays. Out of 32 ships ordered, 3 were (sort of) completed.

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  1. Bath Iron Works lost the competition for a big Coast Guard cutter contract. The winner was my local shipbuilder Eastern Shipbuilding in Panama City FL. I was quite surprised Eastern won over Bath and the big Mississippi yards. Eastern is historically an oilfield support builder, but they have built New York City fireboats and such. Another notable product: the “Andrea Gayle” of Perfect Storm fame. We’ll see how it goes.

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