Maine coastal aerial photos: Castine to Mount Desert Island

Castine to the causeway from Trenton to Mount Desert Island, home of Acadia National Park:

Down the west coast of Mount Desert Island to Bass Harbor:

From our Boston to Bar Harbor, Maine trip in a Robinson R44 helicopter. Tony Cammarata was in back with a door removed and a Nikon D850. Instrument student Vince Dorow and I were flying.

5 thoughts on “Maine coastal aerial photos: Castine to Mount Desert Island

  1. Great photos. Brownish bog along right riverbank that covers entire surface down – does it consist of tall water plants or is it foamish?

  2. Is Maine normally snow-free in January? Or is this a consequence of emperor Trump leaving the Paris climate treaty?

    • DJT: The photos were taken in October 2020 and I am only now getting around to the editing/publishing.

  3. TIL there is a Trenton, Maine. It turns out that Bar Harbor Airlines flew out of there.

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