6 thoughts on “Maine coastal aerial photographs: Westport to Portland

  1. I hate to say it, Phil, but from the air most of this stuff looks pretty similar and uninteresting.

    • Jack: Part of our goal was to create a documentary record of what the coast looked like in October 2020. So even if it looks similar/uninteresting that still fits our project goal.

    • Perhaps Phil can take a picture of Barbara Streisand’s house to make it more interesting! I also must say I have been enjoying the photos.

    • @Jack: As an environmentalist, I’ve enjoyed all these photos – even if I didn’t comment on them directly. They show just how beautiful and pristine the New England coastline actually is for the (mostly) wealthy people who live there. They have succeeded in making it an incredibly beautiful, serene, wealthy place to live in. There are no sewers there. It’s gorgeous!

  2. @Jack: Philip didn’t have a chance yet to get out to Great Barrington, MA (home of Alan Chartock https://www.wamc.org/people/alan-chartock and also W.E.B. DuBois) but maybe when he does, he’ll be able to document wonderful wealth, beautiful architecture, and community spirit there. A shining example to the rest of America, on your local NPR station every day!


    Don’t you see, Jack?

  3. Have you considered creating a Chopperview product, perhaps branded as Google Chopperview?

    Lots of America has never been videographed from low elevation.

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