4 thoughts on “Aerial Photos of Portland, Maine

  1. At first sight those people dining between the skeletons look like ole good Church-going folks.
    I like areal views, maybe I will dust-off plans to get a pilot license after all

  2. There’s a lot of Portland in Portland, what can be done?

    Nice to see the sailing vessels! And I love the sense of humor at the lobster roll restaurant. “Since we have to do this, we might as well make it fun.” Straight-up Addams Family. I think John Astin would approve, and he’s an actual JHU alum (1952, ΦΚΨ).

    Gomez the Politician:

  3. Right column, sixth photo down: The little garden plots behind the tennis and basketball courts.

    I 99.99% sure that’s the Casco Bay Community Garden, part of Portland’s “Urban Agriculture” program.


    They are hiring for a “Development & Partnerships Manager” – which means, essentially, the person who gets the donations and manages the donators.


    Salary range of $52,000 – $62,000 annually based on experience and qualifications
    Full-time, exempt position, working 40 hours per week. We believe in work-life balance, and are committed to keeping the workload in alignment with the true hours worked

    » Creativity & Persistence
    » Reflection & Resilience
    » Respect
    » Humility
    » Integrity & Courage
    » Commitment
    » Self-Care

    • Based on the size of those garden plots, it looks like they might be able to feed 5 families for a few months at most. I wonder why they just don’t spend the $62,000 and buy the food?

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