Dr. Andrew Yang, PhD in Mansplaining?

From a male-identifying friend on Facebook:

Being a progressive does not mean simply giving people more money and stuff. It also means thinking in critical and integrative ways, connecting the social, economic and cultural. In fact, thinking this way can both save money and improve lives through providing meaning.
Here is Andrew Yang on maternal health: “One way I think we can help combat maternal and infant mortality in NYC–both of which are unconscionably high in much of the city–dramatically expand the use of doulas and midwives. Doulas are the truth. Women help women.”
Just one more reason why I support Andrew Yang, a deep, integral thinker, for Mayor of NYC.

Can this be true? Twitter says yes:

This is like a PhD thesis in mansplaining. Perhaps Dr. Yang also said “We’re pregnant” before his children were born.

(Director of Baby Production in our household corporation rated her doula “useless” and elected to fly solo (except for the full hospital team that was present) the next time we were pregnant.)


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  1. She popped ours out in just over 1h, second in less than 30min. Got close to in car delivery that time. They were barely keeping up when we actually got to the hospital.
    It’s easy to be a wise ass from the perspective of such smooth deliveries. A lot less so when she’s in tremendous pain for over 12 hours and has a complete reversal in the lifelong desire to have a large family (I know quite a few of those).

    Or how about the perspective of an expat who has to go to a hospital alone (COVID measures etc) without anyone there speaking much of any language she would understand? And this is a person who had severe anxiety in anticipation of child birth regardless of where it would happen. Forget the medical point of view, they’re probably capable of taking care of her whatever language anyone speaks. But there’s the inevitable bureaucratic process that starts with birth, the hospital protocol for the next few days, questions being asked etc. and she is totally lost on top of the usual postpartum hormone surge and the rest that comes with it.

    So yes, assistance should be available if required.

  2. I read the things these people write (and apparently think, somehow) and it’s clear that society has lost at least 20 IQ points over the past 30 years. These is almost zero important information in the quote from your progressive friend, except that he remembers how to string together the words: “Critical”, “Integrative” and “Provides meaning” in the way he’s seen 1000s of other zombies do it. It’s this: “I am a deep integral thinker because I assert deepness and integrality.” All these people are brainwashed zombies. The country is doomed.

  3. But your friend is no worse than the Kaiser Health Foundation when it comes to their “explanation” of the data-gathering and reporting problems that are apparently rampant in the vaccine rollout. Apparently nobody can answer the question: “Has Hermione Q. Public who lives at 232 Sample Street in Anytown, USA and is Black, age 74, who works at WalMart in Anytown as a greeter, hypertense, obese with a BMI of 42, received a follow up dose to her initial vaccine shot that was administered on 1/19/2021 at the Anytown Senior Center?”

    Read this article and see if you can find any good answers, except as it pimps for $billions in new federal funding.

    Here’s a sample:
    “The CDC and other federal agencies rely on a complicated web of systems to get data about who’s been vaccinated. State and local vaccine registries, known as immunization information systems, are the most comprehensive source of records and the “source of truth,” Hannan said.

    Those registries have long-standing connections to providers’ electronic health records, said Rebecca Coyle, executive director of the American Immunization Registry Association. But they aren’t meant to capture certain information, such as a patient’s medical history and occupation.

    Those state and local registries transmit data to an HHS-owned clearinghouse, where personal details are redacted.

    The clearinghouse gets data from other sources, too. These include a new CDC vaccination clinic mobile app called VAMS, as well as pharmacies, prisons and federal agencies like the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Indian Health Service.

    A limited slice of the data then moves to another CDC repository known as the “Data Lake,” where it can be analyzed and reported to the CDC and Tiberius, a separate software platform developed by federal contractor Palantir for former President Donald Trump’s Operation Warp Speed effort. The Data Lake also receives information on shipment and vaccine orders from the CDC’s VTrckS system.

    On top of that dizzying array of tools, many states use another, third-party software system, PrepMod, to manage vaccine inventory, appointments and reporting.

    When asked whether not having data on occupations could hinder tracking whether priority groups have received their shots, Nordlund of the CDC said it’s unnecessary to vaccinate all individuals in one phase before initiating the next.”


    As a society, we are absolutely lost in the funhouse of obfuscated language about broken IT, being guided by people who have no understanding of it whatsoever, who get questioned by reporters who know even less and believe whatever they are told. It’s horrifying. We can’t get straight answers to the simplest questions about doing something extraordinarily basic like putting a needle in someone’s arm, two times. The more I read, the more nauseated and despairing I become.

    All of these technologies are SIMPLE. You’ve been teaching people about databased-backed website for what, 25 years now? And nobody knows how to set up a registry to collect and report this data in real time? We have become utterly incapacitated by stupidity, buck-passing, and “protect your ass at all costs” cowardice and malfeasance.

    • As long as we’re using new world tech like MongoDB / Bootstrap / Angular / NodeJS, everybody’s happy. The government feels tech savvy, and everybody gets paid and paid and paid again.

      And you definitely couldn’t do this complicated task with old tech garbage like an SQL DB.

      By the way, Palantir’s next invoice just arrived…

    • Technological collapse has happened before. See Jonathan Blow – Preventing the Collapse of Civilization:

  4. Tangentially related: I absolutely adore the Wikipedia definition of “doula:”

    “A doula is a trained companion who is not a healthcare professional and who supports another individual through a significant health-related experience, such as childbirth, miscarriage, induced abortion or stillbirth, or non-reproductive experiences such as dying.”

    Whew knew dying was a non-reproductive experience that people needed help with?

    “Dueling Death Doulas From Duluth: The Reckoning”

  5. While I believe that not just Andrew Yang but even Caligula’s horse, not even mentioning intelligent, compassionate and lie – averted canines, would make a better mayor then current New York City mayor, how come Andrew Yang is considered to be progressive (and Theodor Roosevelt not)? Young advocates practice described in 3.5 thousand years old stories as prevalent at that time.

    • Progressive now means: “Rejects anything related to western civilization”, so doulas, as a rejection of modern, western medicine, count.

  6. Update: Critical, Integrative, Deep Thinking department:

    I asked a FB friend who just received her vaccine shot at a *very* large organization what the check-in procedure was. Answer: she filled out a form with pen and paper that was then presumably key-entered into whatever backend system was being used at the facility. So one data point is that even at one of the largest and most presumably technologically-savvy institutions on Earth, we’re back to ink pens and dead trees, with all the attendant key-entry error problems that entails. Where’s the fire escape?

  7. Since no one is allowed to have real friends anymore because of covid, it makes sense that the government should provide a paid friend to get us through the tough times.

    I’ll take mine with blonde hair, blue eyes, at least 5’6″, please and thank you.

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