Can Democrats kick all Republicans off all House committees?

“Dem-led House, drawing a line, kicks Greene off committees” (AP):

A fiercely divided House tossed Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene off both her committees Thursday, an unprecedented punishment that Democrats said she’d earned by spreading hateful and violent conspiracy theories.

Democrats hold the majority of seats in the House. Why not do this for all Republican representatives? Republicans are, by definition, people who have voluntarily affiliated with the party of insurrection, racism, sexism, and anti-LGBTQIA+. Why should they be treated differently than Marjorie Taylor Greene?

One advantage of this approach, from the Republicans’ point of view, is that they could take two years off. They’re not going to be influencing legislation, so why come into the Capitol every day to participate in a farcical process?

11 thoughts on “Can Democrats kick all Republicans off all House committees?

  1. There are some inhibitions or limits that are still detectable among adherents of Wokeness. An example is that they don’t explicitly call for censorship (so far as I know), as that’s a Bad thing; they don’t censor, instead they prevent “misinformation” and “hate”. And why hasn’t deplatform ever been a Word of the Year?

    Similarly, if you want to see white people punished and deprived of their loot, there is a risk of ignorant people wondering how that squares with “racial equality”. So you call it “racial justice” instead. Maybe similar considerations are at work in preventing the US from becoming too much like a one-party state. So long as it’s too weak to cause real obstruction, an opposition has some uses.

    There’s going to be a need in the next few years for finding someone to blame (and no prizes for guessing who that’ll be!). Crime and squalor will rise while prosperity fades. So it wouldn’t be smart to crush all the heretics completely. Not yet.

  2. Any committee membership is purely symbolic. The only compromise going on is actually the media trying to create drama where there is none. The Biden agenda is passing unopposed in the end.

  3. The silence while Mitch was frogmarching his opposition was deafening. Now sidelining this little wannabee Nazi troll is time to clutch the pearls?

  4. They’re not there to legislate, they are there to get pork for their districts. That’s why they can’t just go on safari or something.

    • @SuperMike Completely agree. No need to legislate, that can be left to the executive branch. Only here to collect enough pork for the district to guarantee reelection.

    • @jdhzzz

      > No need to legislate, that can be left to the executive branch

      You seem confused on the concept.

  5. It was well past time for her to go, inevitable the Donks were going to do it at this point, because she wasn’t stopped before she got there. The Republicans have to rethink the idea: “We listen to the base” to the exclusion of everything else, particularly QAnon. I really think they should force her out of Congress entirely, but that’s not possible.

  6. Although the congresswoman in questions displays fringe opinions that are not backed by any data it would be a net loss for society to shut her up as long as she does not advocate any violence nor stigmatizes entire social or ethnic groups. We all will loose if there will not be someone who can voice unpopular opinions. Sometimes they can be true, even broken clock displays correct time twice a day. I have not followed her and do not have knowledge of everything she advertised, some of info that I read about her seemed quite ridiculous but I did not see news of her advocating violence nor her stigmatizing entire social or ethnic groups . Democrats have several congresspeople who have even more fringe opinions, and some of them are placed on important committees by Democrat leadership, so you can say that Democrat leadership fosters left fringe as long as it helps to keep it (leadership) in power. As someone noted the only downside of her being expelled from congressional committees is for her large donors who may have hoped for some pork allocation, none of the Republicans in this House of Representatives are going to have any input on policy-making

    • Hahaha. Fringe opinions that are not backed by any data. Until recently she believed that 9/11 didn’t happen and that an army of pedophiles would come to their bloody apocalyptic end at the hands of a dude in a moose hat.

      OUT. OUT OF CONGRESS. McCarthy did this, and it’s his fault. He should go too.

    • It would not be a net loss for society, it would a be a great contribution to society for her to return to her homeland and wash dishes for a living for the rest of her life.

    • She seems to be independently rich so washing dishes could be only a hobby for her. She also expressed laughable thought that Israeli intelligence was after Trump 🙂 but it is still not a propaganda of violence or attack on broad internally diverse population groups. In lieu of party-promoted promoted fringe left extremists among Democrat representatives she seems not be too special and she could voice any news she gets hands of, not necessary just ridiculous fakes.

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