White privilege for canines

In a group chat, a friend posted a picture of the Samoyed puppy he hopes to adopt. Here’s Alex the puppy, from 1996:

Response from another friend:

I am disturbed by the whiteness of your dog. Not a speck of brown. And that smug look on his face. Gloating in his entitlement. He needs a shock collar so he can experience the life of a BIPOC dog. A shock whenever police are near for example. A shock for social justice.

Another exchange from the same group…

White guy: “Koreans do not like big dogs” I am told.

(immediately following) Immigrant from Korea: Small dogs much more tender.

A participant wrote about taking his teenage son to the Kennedy Space Center. Asked what he’d learned, the lad replied “I learned that the Shuttle was primarily designed by women, black guys, and Asians.” (For the tourists NASA has produced a bunch of reenactment videos with present-day actors pretending to be 1970s engineers.)

3 thoughts on “White privilege for canines

  1. Will there every be another Sam in the Greenspun home, or are you firmly in the Golden camp?

    • KrustyKlown: I think our kids are now old enough for another Samoyed. I switched allegiance to “my favorite other person’s dog” when thinking about breeds that would enjoy attention from toddlers. Mindy has been a lot snugglier than the Samoyeds, which is nice.

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