Will vaccine imposter become a career option?

Consider the young American who doesn’t wish to become a test subject for a vaccine whose own manufacturer characterizes it as “investigational”. He/she/ze/they will still have all of the freedoms guaranteed to him/her/zir/them under the Constitution. It is simply that he/she/ze/they will not be able to work, leave the house, go into a store, get on a commercial airliner, eat at a restaurant, check into a hotel, etc.

From a vaccine-skeptical reader:

I’ve been thinking, since I now walk around in a Joe Biden sized mask, safety goggles and a winter hat, how easy it would be to find someone to take the vaccine on my behalf?

Vaccination sites can’t demand identification (“documentation”) because otherwise America’s 22 million (or maybe 29 million) undocumented wouldn’t be able to get vaccines.

Why wouldn’t it be practical to pay someone to get an additional vaccine and take home a vaccination certificate in an arbitrarily selected name? In fact, folks who are most enthusiastic about vaccines might be delighted to do this for a small cash payment. If two shots are good, maybe three or four shots are better. If there is some immunity from Moderna, why not add additional immunity from J&J?

What about requiring RFID chips as well? See Human RFID chips for coronaplague contact tracing can also sense temperature and #Science proves that I was right (about the need for RFID chips in humans for COVID-19 surveillance) and RFID chips in the necks of college students. If not already present, the RFID chip is inserted along with the first dose of vaccine. Then we can be sure that the person who claims to be vaccinated is actually the same person who was injected.

Leo and Mindy the Crippler seem happy with their chips:

12 thoughts on “Will vaccine imposter become a career option?

  1. It’s much simpler – the moment being vaccinated becomes pre-requisite of anything of consequence to a significant part of population will be the moment a new black market of doctors pretending to administer vaccines will be born.

  2. Is Leo a new pack member or is Mindy just chill-axing with a new friend in the sparse ice patch not yet melted by global warming?

    • Leo lives with a friend nearly an hour’s drive away. Now I know the pain of a grandparent (in our modern geographically fragmented world) longing to spend more time with a grandchild.

  3. Not requiring ID at the vac. sites will skew the ‘equitable distribution’ stats and “reveal” that undocumented populations were underserved?

  4. The organic human black market will thrive and eventually outperform the GMO human gov’t approved market. And no we aren’t going to let you mutant humans join us pure people. What the vaxxed think is a badge to get them in will be a mark to keep them out.

  5. “Which vaccine did you get, and when’s the last time you got jabbed?” is going to become the best pickup line in the Universe.

  6. > he/she/ze/they

    Why is the focus exclusively on pronouns? How am I supposed to refer to brother/sister, mother/father, aunt/uncle, grandmother/grandfather, etc.?

  7. I’m in. I wish to sample all the vaccines.

    Who would like to purchase a fraudulent J&J vaccine card? The bidding floor is set at $1000.

  8. Its widely predicted that moves to coerce vaccination will induce a black market for vaccination certificates.

    I think this is reasonable, but note that the places that have been most fascist on requiring the vaccines (Europe and Israel) are also rolling out draconian legislation with all sorts of penalties for being caught with forged vaccination certificates. There are prohibitions in various international treaties, and in some cases the constitutions of these countries, that would normally stop this, but I’m not getting my hope up.

    Of course, the more coercion you apply to get the vaccine, the more people will be willing to risk the penalties to get a forged vaccination. You will also get more compliance with the actual vaccination. Also, the more coercion is applied to get the vaccine, the more apparent to non-NPCs that the vaccine is probably dangerous. So the entire vaccine portion is a risky part of this program.

    • “but I’m not getting my hope up.” – there is a hope, Israel’s highest court just cancelled all draconian restrictions on air travel as illegal, unrestricted air-travel to resume this Saturday.

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