Pacific Islanders won’t be safe on Uber?

Email received from the Righteous of Uber:

Let’s break this down a little…

The hate and violence against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders is heartbreaking.

There is hatred and violence against Group A and Group B.

We stand with our Asian-American friends, community, and team to strongly denounce these frightening and painful acts of hate.

Uber stands only with Group A (Asian Americans). Group B (Pacific Islanders) can fend for itself with private cars, public transit, walking, or perhaps sheltering in place? (14 days to flatten the curve on racism?)

Separately… “If you tolerate racism, delete Uber.” (is this another way to say “intolerance will not be tolerated” or is it more complex?)


  • Uber stands with the Black community (but won’t hire more than 0.8 percent Black “teach leaders”); Uber’s only email to me on the subject of #BLM was in June 2020. Apparently it was “one and done” for what Uber said were “problems we have faced for centuries”.

5 thoughts on “Pacific Islanders won’t be safe on Uber?

  1. So, being .001% Pacific Islander (according to an Ancestry DNA test several years ago!), I guess I’ll have to stick to ignoring Uber? Then again, if I don’t want to support racism, does that mean I need to download Uber again? I think I deleted Uber about 10 minutes after all their ridiculous corporate antics several years ago. I have used their competitor, Lyft, who paid their drivers slightly better, on a few occasions, usually late at night, but now mostly stick to riding my bike, which will be much more comfortable now that it’s getting warmer. [Being timely, maybe I should try to reclaim my ancestral corner of Easter Island? ;]

  2. I guess this means everyone should delete Uber for their racist lumping of everyone from Asia into a single undifferentiated mass.

  3. Uber, like all San Francisco denizens, wants to “stop Asian hate” and “stand with the black community”, while 85% of physical assaults on Asians are by blacks (1). So how do they square that circle? By proclaiming that black-on-asian assaults are motivated by opportunity, not hate (2) (does it matter to the person being assaulted?). Directly quoted from the SF Gate newspaper a decade ago when writing such things was still allowed:



    • No problem – you can still blame black-on-Asian violence on white people because of the long history of racism.

  4. Clearly the MSM needs to create other “victim” groups because the U.S. black population is losing ground relative to the Hispanic and Asian populations, and the transgender population will never be big enough of a market to which to pander.

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