Hang out together at Oshkosh this year?

Supposedly Sun n Fun was busy in 2021 (see “Sun ‘n Fun Aerospace Expo ticket pre-sales soar to record highs despite COVID”, for example). EAA AirVenture (“Oshkosh”) should also be packed. Folks who love aviation are apparently willing to accept the additional risk of leaving the house.

We’re staying on the field at the Hilton Garden Inn this year (“I know some people that know some people that robbed some people”), attending the Cirrus pilots’ dinner Monday evening (July 26), and bought a full-week pass to the EAA Aviators Club (chairs, A/C, food, phone charging, etc., right on the flight line for airshow viewing).

It would be great to see readers/commenters there! (sign up for the Cirrus dinner and Aviators Club now if you want to join; they both will probably sell out)

Note that EAA AirVenture is currently scheduled as a mask-optional event (EAA coronapanic page).

From 2019…


6 thoughts on “Hang out together at Oshkosh this year?

  1. How did you get a room there? I usually stay there the weekend prior to the show then they kick me out for the big wigs!

    • TS: A friend booked directly with the hotel manager (requires some direct emailing/calling) and told me about his success. I wonder if the vendors have cut back a bit this year (would want to get COVID-19 while pursuing Mammon!) and therefore some extra rooms freed up.

    • AlexII: Interesting. How was it? Are we victims of Fake News? All of the reports say that it was super busy, but there are no numbers disclosed for 2021 nor comparisons to 2019…

    • I would say 1/3 of vendor spaces where empty and they did desert their booths earlier in the day. I flew commercial due to schedule, so can’t judge camping fillup but exhibits where not crowd busting. And yes – masks where optional.

    • Thanks, AlexII. Considering the typical GA demographic, we should be grateful that it was not a clothing-optional event!

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