The 18-year-old chooses a primary care physician

A local 18-year-old, raised on a steady diet of social justice messages delivered by unionized employees at the public school he has attended, asked his mom for help in choosing a primary care physician now that he has aged out of pediatrics.

Perhaps he didn’t absorb what the school was trying to teach. He told his mother that he didn’t want a female physician or a doctor of color because “they get into medical school easier.”

As it happens, mom is a cisgender female physician of color (Chinese-American, which is “of color” by today’s standards).

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  1. Smart kid. I’d do the same choosing younger (post affirmative action) physician. For older ones I have no preference.

  2. Well he’s only 18 and still has a relatively intact ego that has not yet been razed to the ground via constant bombardment and coercion. He’ll go to College and they’ll make short work of that and by the time he’s 22 his mind will be changed completely.

    Also, he didn’t get to go to high school in Fairfax County, VA and here graduation speeches like this one:

    “A school board member gave a graduation speech in which she told a mainly-immigrant class of high schoolers that they were entering a world filled with “racism, extreme versions of individualism and capitalism, [and] white supremacy,” and encouraged them to remember their “jihad” and reject the concepts of objectivity and neutrality.”

    But his thinking will be corrected in the first two years of college and he’ll be “remembering his jihad.” Or he just won’t graduate, see?

  3. > … because “they get into medical school easier.”

    It’s concerning that he could have said this after more than a decade of education. What he meant to say was “they get into medical school more easily.” Is the difference between adjectives and adverbs too abstruse now?

    • One thing comes at the expense of the other. I wouldn’t expect someone to be an world expert at both immunology and at nuclear engineering, for example. So in this case, to be knowledgeable about both social justice issues and basic grammar is a tad too oppressive.

  4. @Philg: And I hope he and his mother are smart enough to know that any reference to that conversation that exists anywhere online or any other form should be permanently obliterated, because if any admissions officer (or anyone in his hyper-competitive peer group) at a “good school” ever gets wind of it, he will wind up in the Class of 2025 at the College of Hard Knocks.

    • @Alex. The lad being being canceled from the opportunity of higher brainwashing plus 250K in debt would be a blessing for him. Mom would be mad. Which is probably also a plus.

  5. “Of color” seems not to refer to gradients of skin tone but rather to refer in a politically correct way to unsuccessful minority groups — so it is dubious that the lad’s mother would consider herself a person of color any more than the lad would.

  6. If you ever has a serious medical question please ask your dermatologist. These are the smartest doctors because it’s the hardest speciality to get.

    • >If you ever has a serious medical question please ask your dermatologist. These are the smartest doctors because it’s the hardest speciality to get.

      Please elaborate and explain. I tend to think of obstetricians ( the birth-helpers, not the abortionists) as the healthiest of physicians.

    • Dermatologists are among the highest paid speciality. They also have no real emergencies to deal with and almost always get paid for their work, usually just deal with rich patients! Therefor it is one of the hardest residencies to get unlike say a surgeon who sometimes gets woken up in the middle of the night to do surgery on some welfare recipient. So if you have a serious medical question just ask your dermatologist. They are usually the smartest person in the room.

  7. Being a mere hick, I had to look up the word “cisgender”. I was shocked to find that this, too, is at least connected to the Frankfurt school:

    I had to read Adorno in college (music theory), and was only mildly impressed. The man developed his own language and was mostly famous for being able to form impeccable sentences that spanned half a page. He also could perform this feat in live interviews without ever making a mistake or stumbling even once.

    I doubt that Adorno himself would have been happy about the way people are trying to interpret and implement Frankfurt school ideas. He was actually conservative in many ways — for example he despised Jazz as “music that has no history”.

    Same with Popper, who would not have been happy by people abusing his “we should not tolerate the intolerant” quote (which he directly wrote after WWII).

    Most German philosophy is not meant to be practical or to extract Twitter-sized slogans from it.

    But I’m willing to abandon my redneck ways and embrace the “new”, correct terminology! Thanks @philg for the humorous education!

    • Adorno was one of the Frankfurt school most notorious Critical Theorists aka Marxist scumbags along with his pal Max Horkheimer (initially, they wanted to call their “school” Institut fur Marxismus” but for whatever reason abandoned the name).

      Horkheimer wrote at the height of the Stalin purges in his collection of essays Dammerung: “He who has eyes for the meaningless injustice of the imperialist world, which in no way is to be explained by technical impotence, will regard the events in Russia as the progressive, painful attempt to overcome this injustice”.

      On Friday, the fascist and racist state of Florida voted to “ban lessons that employ critical race theory (CRT,) or the New York Times’ 1619 Project from schools”. We’ll see how long they’ll survive progressive onslaught from NY/MA Palm Beach transplants. My prediction: a couple of years.

    • @Philg to the rescue of Florida. Here he already reconstructed one tough backbone of this country redneck remotely. Despite resisting and surviving intact Soviet propaganda for large portion of our lives as impressionable and vulnerable State school pupils and State college students and as forced members of other Soviet organizations we are doomed when @Philg moves to Florida 🙂

    • @comrade trotsky.

      Philg’s quitting the field of Massachusetts has struck us all. Is it a tactical retreat or a strategic decision to cede lost territory in preparation for the cold civil cultural war about to get hot? I have been holding the line here in New York because the trees and the birds and the soil are my life’s blood. I should despair at abandoning this perfect land for the madness that men create.

    • Ivan: I don’t think it is that easy. Adorno has been flirting with Marxism, but he was a bourgeois like no one else.

      He was a thinker who despised any kind of actions, he despised the student revolts who put his ideas into practice, he would have despised violent BLM protests.

      The square marxist:


      “On the other hand everyone who is seriously familiar with Critical Theory knows that the implementation of this theory using fake facade actions is antithetical to the theory.”

      In other words, Critical Theory is ideal for limousine leftists like the Silicon Valley corporations who want to talk but avoid any real change that would hurt their incomes.

    • The article though calls him a “conventional Marxist”. It is always amusing to watch people trying to whitewash the adherents of the ideology by far more murderous than Nazism.

      Adorno similar to Horkheimer tried to suppress the truth about the Stalin terror, “At the moment the most loyal position is to keep quiet” regarding Moscow Trials. He wrote to Horkheimer, “keep discipline and publish nothing which could lead to Russia being harmed.”

      As opposed to say John Haldane who was a great scientist while being a commie scumbag at the same time, Adorno was just the latter as can be seen by his “scientific” output, e.g. “Dialectic of Enlightenment [that] presupposes a critical social theory indebted to Karl Marx”

      So, yes, it’s that easy in this specific case – the man was a typical commie creep and nothing more.

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