Did the Zillow icon become a rainbow flag on your phone?

Part of a screen capture from my guiltiest secret (i.e., that I own an iPhone (my excuse: the camera and hardware/software behind the camera)):

Was this change to the rainbow flag because software robots at Zillow were reading my blog and Facebook posts (none since February) and learned about my passion for everything LGBTQIA+? Or did everyone else with Zillow on an iPhone get pushed this update as well? (And what about users within the Android Free State? Do you now support Pride via your icons?)

Separately, here’s part of a LinkedIn profile after the user’s current and former employers swelled with Pride:


  • Profiles in Corporate Courage (would Zillow join Apple, Google, P&G, Mercedes, and Microsoft in limiting their advocacy of LGBTQIA+ in countries where LGBTQIA+ sex acts are illegal?)

16 thoughts on “Did the Zillow icon become a rainbow flag on your phone?

  1. The simple explanation is that it’s pride month.But none of my icons changed, including several that have changed their website logos. I don’t have Zillow, so I can’t compare apples to apples.

  2. I don’t know, but it appears that they keep adding colors to the rainbow flag. I think it is related to the way they keep adding letters to LGBTQIA. It is supposed to look inclusive, while not actually including the groups to which most people belong.

  3. It is hilarious that they did not include White in the rainbow but then put the white Z on top of everything else. Clearly a dogwhistle that deserves a Twitter storm!

    • That is a great point. It looks as though a white cisgender (presumably male) person is trying to erase an entire rainbow of diversity (fortunately, Whitey did not completely succeed and part of the rainbow remains visible).

  4. I do not have Zillow. But I do note that until a few days ago Amazon.com was showing me how to celebrate my Pride in at least two ways, then they stopped mysteriously two days ago. Why? The month’s not over, and I am not proud enough yet!

  5. US is definitely the rainbow country. Why aren’t Russia & China singularly focused on rainbows like US?

    • Because, being adults, they don’t believe in magic of unicorn excreta, perhaps?

  6. At least Zillow has included the color black in the rainbow, so they are truly inclusive for colored people. Well done. However, the letter “Z” is in white and is crossed over the rainbow. Is Zillow implying that whites rule over people-of-color with this icon?!!

    • They aren’t implying that, they are recognizing the white master race overshadowing all the minorities and freaks. Gays and lesbians are natural, but anything else is a stretch. Trannys don’t deserve the protected class, they choose everyday what to wear and how they are going to fluctuate their voice. Discrimination should only be illegal when the victim has zero control over the attribute which gives them protection. You have control to not get a sex change and not be weird and not be a he-she

  7. Lbgq is a mental illness, you and all your techies are way out of touch A dubious life style is nothing to be proud of.

  8. This filth must go, I can’t stand when ppl or organizations push that evil on ppl and children

  9. I deleted my Zillow AP I was sick of the rainbow flag every time I used my phone. Sell real estate not push a agenda.

  10. My problem with LGBTQwhatever is not with how they chose to copulate or which parts of themselves thet chose to mutilate. Can’t care less.

    My problem with them is that they are socialists. Mascots and cheerlraders of that murderous cult.
    (Idiots, too… if they had any brains they’d figure out whom socialists exyerminate first when they get to run labor camps).

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