ICUs were clogged during coronaplague partly because relatives couldn’t visit

Our anonymous hero behind Medical School 2020 is working in a hospital now. Part of his residency training has included shifts in the intensive care unit. There he has gained some insight into why American ICUs became clogged during COVID-19 peaks.

“Hospitals wouldn’t let relatives come in to see the patients,” he said. “A patient with no long-term chance of survival can’t be unplugged with relatives approving ‘goals of care.’ But people are reluctant to approve unplugging a loved one if they aren’t able to see the patient and understand the patient’s situation.” In other words, without relatives coming into the ICU, the docs and nurses had no “goals of care” and therefore kept patients on ventilators for weeks after they would ordinarily have been unplugged.

One thought on “ICUs were clogged during coronaplague partly because relatives couldn’t visit

  1. medical error kills. this error explains the added mortality among immigrants — they had no close friends or family to check on their care. Had they not been treated, they might have survived.

    The industrial complex built around the promotion of good health and healing has become a national cancer that is fed by money. Let me see more doctors go broke. Let’s make all medical debt illegal. Payment is voluntary. Good luck getting paid without actually making someone feel better. Healers may refuse to heal if we refuse to pay, but the doctor’s guilds and the apothecary guilds no longer get to rule our treatment either.

    We have lost control of our own health, individually and collectively, to a bunch of quacks.

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