Official business victimhood designations

A form from a university vendor portal, in which one is asked to enter one’s “Diversity Classification”. Here are the federally recognized victimhood categories for a business (including individual proprietors operating on a Schedule C basis):

Wouldn’t almost anyone qualify as “physically challenged”? Compare yourself to these four individuals who were chosen at random:

Wouldn’t you be at least 80 percent disabled compared to any of the above? (in the sense that you wouldn’t be able to do more than 20 percent of what they can do)

Why is checking boxes important?

5 thoughts on “Official business victimhood designations

  1. What kind of businesses are university vendors? What university is it?
    Strange, on college webpages soliciting donations from individual and businesses I never seen such list of per-qualifications.

    • LSI: The form comes from a site that a lot of different universities use to simplify collecting information on vendors (not only these critical victimhood designations, but also boring stuff such as how to pay via Zelle). Any business can be a vendor to a university! Delivering “wear a mask” signs (quantity 144) for placement all around the closed campus. Making 8,000 packages for students, each with a pussy hat, a rainbow flag, and a Biden/Harris sticker optimized for the MacBook. Printing signs that say #StopAsianHate on one side (to face towards campus) and #AsiansNeedNotApply on the other (to be viewed from the outside looking in).

      (I don’t want to say which university’s sub-portal I was on for fear that they will wake up, read my blog, and stop paying me!)

    • @philg, such “businesses” as you described should have no problems check most of the boxes at the same time. Back in 1995 when an HR manager was enticing me to join his start – up she touted that it was a minority – owned business that gets federal contracts easily because one of then yet – working co-founders was from one of South Americans countries whom everyone treated as regular dude that he was. I myself could check a couple boxes, just value my old-fashioned integrity too much.

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