Fireworks anxiety supplants Coronapanic for one weekend here in Maskachusetts

We were out on the highway over the July 4th weekend for a quite-possibly-illegal visit to New Hampshire (“Live Free or Die” on the license plates, but the state was about average in terms of restrictions on residents justified in the name of COVID-19 (ranking)).

For 16 months, Maskachusetts has used its enormous highway signs to hector residents regarding the need to wear masks and/or the need to go through an elaborate online process to reserve a vaccine (it is apparently too challenging to run a vaccine clinic at a rest stop and change the sign from “go to a URL” to “go to a rest stop”). Over the July 4th weekend, however, the signs were changed to hector residents residents regarding the potential of imprisonment and/or fines if they set off fireworks (even sparklers are illegal in MA). A few days later, the signs were back to telling residents to visit a URL to begin the process of ascending into the ranks of the vaccinated.

From a ski resort in NH:

Sabbaday Falls after the big rain:

4 thoughts on “Fireworks anxiety supplants Coronapanic for one weekend here in Maskachusetts

  1. So the government displays warnings about negligible risks (fireworks) to people engaging in one of the most dangerous activities in the US (driving a car).

    Money would be better spent warning about Lyme disease in case people go into nature (or a stray tick is blown into the car through an open window).

    But I guess the transportation and Lyme bureaucracies are already overstaffed, so new positions can only be created by expanding the list of risks.

  2. Mixed message in small print: “WE’RE IN THIS TOGETHER”. Should be “WE’RE IN THIS SIX FEET APART”

  3. They’re still wearing masks in Calif*, outside, miles away from people, during a democrat supermajority. At least they reversed the decision to require all schoolkids to wear masks, next year.

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