Define irony: Private school hosts diversity, equity, and inclusion event at a country club

Garland Greene:

Define irony – a bunch of idiots dancing around on a plane to a song made famous by a band that died in a plane crash.

I would like to propose an update to this philosopher’s work. #DefineIrony: We were invited to an exclusive (and expensive) private school’s diversity, equity, and inclusion event… at a country club.

Related, from Saturday Night Live, April 9 1977

Julian Bond: Well, this is the major problem with these studies. The measurements of I.Q. which form the basis of comparison come from tests composed by whites for whites. The tests are culturally biased; it’s not surprising that whites would score better than blacks.

Garrett Morris: Could you give us an example of what you’re talking about?

Julian Bond: Certainly. Here are some questions that have appeared on recent I.Q. tests. Number one: “You have been invited over for cocktails by the officer of your trust fund. Cocktails begin at 4:30, but you must make an appearance at a 6:00 formal dinner at the Yacht Club. What do you do about dress?
A. Wear your blue-striped seersucker suit to cocktails and change into your tuxedo in the bathroom, apologizing to your host for the inconvenience.
B. Wear your tuxedo to cocktails, apologizing to your host for wearing a dinner jacket before 6:00 PM.
C. Walk to the subway at Columbus Circle and take the “A” Train uptown.”

3 thoughts on “Define irony: Private school hosts diversity, equity, and inclusion event at a country club

  1. Aaaah the incomparable Steve Buscemi. From Mr. Pink not tipping in Reservoir Dogs to everything else he’s done to inspire his fans, who are willing to shell out $60 for his face on a shower curtain (Jimmy Fallon: “Less than a bowl of guacamole!” there’s just nobody else on his level.

  2. Well, it’s no secret that private schools are very likely to be much more woke now than their public counterparts, controlled for geolocation of course. Not sure though why some parents are not happy about the product private schools are putting out, namely “Harvard material”, for which possessing advanced CRT/woke skills is a sine qua non. Is it not why parents send their offsprings to those fine establishments in the first place ?

    In Bary Weiss’ words “The cynical answer for their silence[about wokeness]: concern about viability for the Ivy League and other elite schools. ”

    Hypocrisy is a minor feature of the process because everyone (almost) understands what is really going on.

    For those concerned with their children mental health potentially being destroyed by the woke “educational” process a religious or even gasp public school may present better options. Or may be home schooling. It’s tough times parents have to live through today.

    • Sqrt(-1) to Ivan. When all the best schools in all the best places are already super-Woke, it only makes sense to have super-Woke events for them in all the best places.

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