Best vehicle at Oshkosh: DC-3 turned motorhome

Last day of Oshkosh (EAA AirVenture)…

Even more amazing than all of the U.S. military technology, a two-year father-son project to take a DC-3 fuselage from a field in Missouri into a highway-legal motorhome (not a trailer, but a Class A motorhome with a engine!). From Round Engine Aero:

The TWA Hotel did a great job turning a Lockheed Constellation into a bar, but it isn’t legal to drive down the road.

Two aerial vehicles that are slower than a homemade motorhome…

I asked the owner of this vehicle to kneel with me for the National Anthem, but he/she/ze/they (don’t want to assume gender ID) refused.

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  1. Redneck Airlines Fo’ Evah! (and that’s said with the greatest affection.)

    Nashville, Michigan: “The population was 1,628 at the 2010 census…The median income for a household in the village was $32,857, and the median income for a family was $36,250. Males had a median income of $31,311 versus $22,760 for females. The per capita income for the village was $14,147.”

    That’s some awesome freedom and fun for a father and son on a budget, right there.,_Michigan

  2. What’s up with all that engine parts (upper right picture)? They don’t appear to be in any working order.

    > I asked the owner of this vehicle to kneel with me for the National Anthem, but he/she/ze/they (don’t want to assume gender ID) refused.

    Anyone can kneel, turn their back, not show up, et. al. as much as he/she/ze/.. want to, but doing so on someone’s else time and dime to advance their agenda or cause no matter how just it is, is simply wrong and unacceptable in my book. We are now seeing a lot of it those days and now in the Tokyo Olympics.

  3. Shouldn’t the best vehicle at an airshow be a ground vehicle turned into a flying machine, not the other way round. Next Oshkosh will start having best boat awards.

    • The following boats won awards this year!

      Outstanding Metal — Plaque

      Matthew Hermann
      Muskoka, Ontario, Canada
      C-FIPT Cessna 182

      Outstanding Fabric — Plaque

      Gordon Gilchrist
      Cedar Springs, Michigan
      CubCrafters EX-3, N30PG

      Outstanding Amphibian — Plaque

      Van Pray
      Montgomery City, Missouri
      Cessna 206T

      Outstanding Homebuilt — Plaque

      Michael Eiras
      Austin, Texas
      SeaRey, N17TS

      Judges’ Choice

      Alex Vickroy and Jesse Starkson
      Ashland, Wisconsin
      Beech 18, N33JP

      Bronze Lindy

      Cliff Maine
      Grand Rapids, Michigan
      Lake Renegade, N704BC

      Silver Lindy

      Keith Kocourek
      Wausau, Wisconsin
      de Havilland DCH-2 Beaver, N22KK

      Gold Lindy

      Doug DeVries
      Everett, Washington
      Grumman G-21G Turbine Goose, N642

    • See a later post. The Blackfly failed after 1 of 3 planned demo flights in the airshow. Towed off runway.

    • With 200lb useful load and 25-40 miles at 61 mph cruise it is bound to crash-land in the first half of typical Silicon Valley one way daily commute rout. It could be used to arrive at country club parties if it could handle 2 people seated.

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