All will be well in the garden; There will be growth in the spring! (Dr. Fauci as Chance the Gardener)

“Fauci: U.S. can get control of pandemic by spring if vaccinations rise” (Axios):

NIAID director Anthony Fauci told CNN on Monday the U.S. could “start getting back to a degree of normality” by next spring [of 2022] if more Americans are vaccinated against COVID-19.

Yes but: “There’s no guarantee, because it’s up to us,” Fauci said in his interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, noting that another variant could emerge unless the current surge is brought under control.

Fauci told Cooper that the U.S. should get “some good control in the spring of 2022” if “we can get through this winter and get really the overwhelming majority of the 90 million people who have not been vaccinated.”

Compare to a leading 20th century economic scientist:

Separately, I am curious about the #Science. If we host a raging a coronaplague, won’t most of those who are currently unvaccinated get infected and develop a similar immunity to what they would have received via vaccination? And aren’t we told by the media that the U.S. is currently suffering from Third Wave coronaplague? Why does it matter, therefore, if some people remain unvaccinated?

Same question on the variants… we’ve told that vaccinated people are still getting infected and becoming contagious, but are less likely to be hospitalized. If this is true, why would the production of variants be tightly correlated to the percentage of Americans who are vaccinated? (And even if we could get God to shut down domestic production of variants, wouldn’t variant coronavirus arrive in the U.S. from other countries? We don’t have a more or less sealed border like the COVID-free paradise islands of Australia and New Zealand.)

What if you don’t want to wait 7 months to see if Fauci’s fairy tale comes true? Move to Florida! There is plant growth all the time here, whether you want it or not. By the time you get your move organized, the current COVID-19 wave should be over.

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  1. You’re looking for wrong kind of logic in what the medical-political establishment does and says

    It makes a lot more sense if you consider everything they say as reflecting tbeir idea of what common fools want to hear to be happy enough so as to keep the plunder and power trips going on without significanr risk of a blow up followed with hangings.

    • And yet, “Highly Vaccinated Israel Is Seeing A Dramatic Surge In New COVID Cases. Here’s Why” [1].

      You got to love the “Here’s Why” part.

      And from WHO [2].

      And if that’s not enough, looks like Israel is heading for another lockdown in the hopes of out smarting Covidfear: “If things did not improve, “we will get to a lockdown like the first and second ones, where we do not go farther than 100 meters from our houses”.” [3]


    • J. Peterson…haven’t you learned that on this site any link, study, fact, or quote that denigrate Florida and Sweden are authored by random, journalistic hacks who are parroting the delusional ravings of scientists, doctors and, of course, the liberal government servants who want to control your mind and body?

    • Jim… rants about random jounalistic hacks, proceeds to quote the source repeatedly caught lying.

      Well, you can’t cure stupid.

    • Averros…really? I think you missed the whole point of my post…but that’s not surprising. Nice try, stupid.

    • Jim,

      According to the official data, Florida had 349 (50 per day) covid related deaths for the week of Aug 13-19th.

      For the same period, California had 405 deaths (57 per day).

      Granted neither number is terribly good especially taking into account that CA population is almost 2x that of FL.

      An interesting question is why your source claims 227 per day despite explicitly stating that “the daily count for Aug. 16 includes Florida’s weekend update” which is 4.5 times lower (see above). Your other source claims “today it stands at 228” (as of Aug 25th) despite the fact that the data have not been released yet for “today”.

    • @Jim, I’m all for eliminating COVID so we all go back to our normal life and debate far more important issues that is killing the future of this country for generations to come, such the very poor level of education our students get despite the fact that we spend the most per child to among the developed nations.

      What I’m against is the continues CovidFear messages from #GovernmentSavesUs, #MediaInformsUs and #CovidScienceProtectsUs that has created this CovidHysteria. That somehow if we all wear a mask, get the Jab and stay home, we will have control over COVID and it will pass. Well, the one sample data that I pointed to, shows otherwise.

    • George…I’m with you and definitely agree that there is a degree of hysteria. I’m just in the camp that believes the vaccines provide a great deal of protection. Masks??? I think they help but not very much.

      As far as Florida goes. I think their leadership is adding to the problem down there. The governor has painted himself into a corner.

      What I can’t stomach is the conspiracy crap and the insane belief that anyone who listens to government is some mindless sheep. And the attitude of people who think that they know more than the doctors and scientists who have trained their entire lives.

      Also….I come from a family that likes to argue :). So, many thanks to Phil who allows my unpopular opinions on his blog.

    • Ivan…yeah it’s obvious that conflicting reports are one of the problems. That’s adding to personal conflicts between people. Everybody’s right depending on what they read at any given time.

    • Jim, part of the problem equating planted retard click-bate his/her say article links with official as good as it gets info posted on official state department of health websites in Ivan’s links.
      Florida is great this time of the year and is full of having fun visitors from California and other blue states. California governor is being recalled and playing dirty trying to subvert small d democracy and election integrity to stay afloat and Florida governor makes expensive regeneron treatment available to everyone through mobile medical units.

  2. I am very sure that the best advice I’ve received in the past 18 months has been just three words long and has come from some guy I met over the Internet, never in person: “Move to Florida.”

  3. Past Fauci quotes…

    2020-12-23: “Life should be back to normal by June”
    2020-12-30: “the nation could return to normal life by fall”
    2021-02-20: “return to normal by Christmas”
    2021-08-21: “c19 will be under control by spring 2022”


    • At this point Biden is probably OK with the fearmongering because anything that keeps COVID in the headlines is keeping the Debacle in Kabul out of the headlines.

  4. #Science you say… okay then. Public Health England publishes a technical briefing entitled “SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern and variants under investigation in England” every month. Briefing #20 has been recently (August 6) published.

    Here is a link:

    Lots of interesting info.

    Table 2 on page 11 shows 300,117 Delta cases (genotyped + provisional) as of August 2, 2021. Table 3, on the following page, shows 226,446 cases for Alpha and includes death totals as of the same date.

    So a first order approximation is that while Delta is more infectious (33% more cases), it is milder, because IFR_Delta = 0.25%, while IFR_Alpha = 1.89%.

    Table 4 further splits these counts between <50yrs old and above. As expected, IFR for Delta 50+ year olds is 2% vs. 4.8% for Alpha. Seeing as to how Delta nearly completed edged out Alpha in the UK, this should be cause for celebration.

    Interesting data in Table 5 which shows "Attendance to emergency care and deaths of confirmed and provisional Delta cases in England by vaccination status (1 February 2021 to 2 August 2021)"

    And this explains why the cognitive dissonance of official pronouncements is so strong. Because you must accept the powers that be have access to these data and have twisted themselves into multi-dimensional pretzel shapes trying to logically justify what the population is advised/ordered to do.

    In short, these data show that unvaccinated Delta cases represent approx. half the total cases. Second, there are 253 deaths amongst the unvaccinated vs. 742 total deaths. And quite shockingly, 389 deaths amongst the "fully" vaccinated (received 2 doses). Interestingly, the most protection seems to be associated with receiving one vaccine dose more than 21 days ago. In <50yr olds, the IFR is all a wash, hovering between 0.01% (not a typo) for a single dose received, 0.03% for unvaccinated, 0.05% for received two doses.

    Interesting data, eh? Anyway, take it away, boys…

  5. Let’s get down to brass tacks, shall we, ladies and gentlemen? We need to stop talking as though all of this is happening for the benefit of thoughtless, almost lifeless and infintesimal virions ≈0.1 μm in diameter. ( ) As we all know very well (and can bear witness to in countless trillions of of ways) it’s much larger than all of that.

    This is nothing less than a fundamental transformation of agriculture and quite unparalleled in the history of our world! Of course, the Good Gardener Dr. Fauci is a central figure to be sure, but only in a supporting role.

    Here’s the real show going on, and beginning in earnest again today. The glorious news is being delivered to us all by none other than by Ian Prassad Philbrick and David Leonhardt, the latter of whom first announced the brewing Delta variant in the same space several months ago, when it was merely a fillip to the spirits of a gloomy British epidemiologist:

    “Remaking the Economy” – New York Times “The Morning” – Thursday, August 26th 2021

    Peace and Health to you, my friends. In the fullness of time, all things shall grow in the Garden according to our Plans.

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