Cambridge, Maskachusetts back under a mask order

From August 27, “City of Cambridge Issues Emergency Order Requiring Use of Face Masks in Indoor Public Places, Effective September 3, 2021”:

The City of Cambridge issued an emergency order requiring that face masks or coverings be worn in indoor public places. The order takes effect at 8:00 a.m. on Friday, September 3, 2021. It applies to everyone over the age of two years old, with exceptions in alignment with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health guidelines.

“I am grateful to everyone in Cambridge who has taken our public health guidance seriously, gotten vaccinated, and done their part to help protect themselves and our community,” said City Manager Louis A. DePasquale. “With the rapid rise of the Delta variant, we are issuing this mask order for indoor public places to reduce the spread of the virus and to protect those who live, work, learn, or visit our city. As we have done throughout the pandemic, we will take a data and science-informed approach to our pandemic response.”

“With schools reopening and COVID-19 cases increasing due to the highly infectious Delta variant, instituting this mask mandate for indoor public places is a critical measure to help minimize the spread of the virus,” said Mayor Sumbul Siddiqui.

It’s an emergency situation. COVID-19 is on a rapid (presumably exponential) rise. We have at our disposal a critical measure that we know will save lives. So… let’s wait a week before applying this critical measure!

Separately, my Uber driver in Cambridge on August 27 described what happens in the patchwork coronapanic landscape of Maskachusetts. “They closed the gyms in Boston, so thousands of people started coming to my gym in Quincy,” he said. “It was so packed that I couldn’t use any of the machines.”

Harvard, meanwhile, is #FollowingTheScience by closing the outdoor venue of Harvard Yard to walk-throughs… from 5 pm to 3 am (so everyone who wants to visit Harvard Yard must be sure to crowd in during the limited opening hours!).


12 thoughts on “Cambridge, Maskachusetts back under a mask order

  1. By now one needs to be a complete and utter moron to fail to see that all of that anti-cooties theater is not about the disease.

    It’s all about little vindictive mini-Maos getting hooked on kicks from pushing other people around. Oh, and the 100% corrupt medical establishment stealing by billions while their CDC and FDA pals run the cover.

  2. Just wait until the “fully vaccinated” status is revoked, just like it happened in Israel. It’s amazing to see how many people have been hypnotized by this whole charade.

    The script from last year is playing back almost scene for scene. The next scene in the script starts with a faint beeping sound in the background as refrigerated morgue trucks back up into overfilling hospitals….

    • I think this is the denial phase in general polulation about being subjected to the communist-totalitarian coup d’etat using the vurus as the pretext. Keep shock and denial up long enough, and in most people it will turn into Stockholm syndrome. That’s what the totalitarians are aiming for.

    • I am surprised that the Australian prison wardens did not vaccinate their inmates on a massive scale(like Israel did). Australia’s vaccination rate is only 36%, the lowest amongst the developed countries.

      What was their end game ? To remain locked down and isolated forever ? I say “was” because now the seem to sing a different tune:

      “(Lockdowns) cannot go on forever. This is not a sustainable way to live in this country,” he [Australian PM] said during a televised media conference in Canberra.

      “This groundhog day has to end, and it will end when we start getting to 70% and 80% (vaccination rates).”

    • It is good to know that the scientist who is PM of Australia guarantees that the virus won’t evolve. But why can’t they have lockdowns forever? There has been no effective resistance to lockdowns by young people. Government tax revenues are holding up. Why can’t they do forever what they’ve been doing for 1.5 years?

    • It’s a good question, absent serious resistance from the inmates. The wardens did not spell it out in so many words, but there appears to be some concern about economy:

      “Balancing health and economic priorities has proved a tightrope walk for leaders; economists say the latest rounds of lockdowns has cost around $12.5 billion.

      While unemployment remains low, there is concern that continued lockdowns could push the country into its second recession of the pandemic. Australian Treasurer Josh Frydenberg predicted Thursday that the economy will contract by at least 2 percent in the September quarter.”

      There’s some disagreement between the PM and local satraps, too:

      Il capo di tutti i capi:
      “Mr Morrison said the scientific modelling provided to government suggested lockdowns did more harm than good once vaccination goals were reached.”

      A local satrap:
      “WA Premier Mark McGowan has been one of the most vocal leaders reserving his right to continue lockdowns even once agreed vaccination targets are reached.
      He is also one of several leaders who has expressed a desire to continue pursuing zero COVID cases, even with 80 per cent of the country vaccinated.”

      Il capo di tutti i capi:
      “Mr Morrison said it was “highly unlikely” Australia could ever return to ‘COVID-zero’.
      The Prime Minister said the country must be prepared to live with COVID-19 as it lives with other infectious diseases.

      “We should not fear it, we should embrace it and we should move forward together,” he said.”

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