Righteous versus Wicked (Israel v. Sweden) in the COVID Olympics

“Why Does No One Ever Talk About Sweden Anymore?” (substack, 9/16/2021) has some interesting charts, all adjusted for population size. The virtuous and vaccinated Israelis are being mowed down by the coronavirus that they tried so desperately to hide from while the virus that raged among the never-locked-down, never-masked party-on Swedes is not a major cause of mortality:

What if we look at “cases” from our friendly neighborhood PCR machines?

Another interesting chart, comparing masked-and-periodically-shut Germany and off-the-scientific-reservation never-masked never-shut Sweden:

Excerpts from the author’s commentary:

One of the most consistently repeated trends of COVID has been the premature declarations of victory from areas with a perceived level of “success” in “controlling” the pandemic.

It’s happened in countries all over the world — Vietnam, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, Mongolia — just to name a few examples. They all have been praised for their ability to “control” the virus with masks and public health measures, only to then see cases invariably skyrocket.

“Experts” and the media declared Sweden was the world’s cautionary tale, a dangerous outlier who shunned The New Science™ of masks and lockdowns and stuck to established public health principles and pre-pandemic planning.

… It’s not about the actual results, it’s about following The Science™. Does it matter if The Science™ leads to more deaths? A higher “cost in lives?” Of course not! It only matters that the media approves or disapproves of what you decide to do.

The media’s depiction of Sweden’s results is an excellent illustration of their desire not to inform, but to coerce. They’re not functioning as simply messengers of information but activists, thoroughly consumed by a desire to force others to conform to their opinions.

They refuse to present information that counters the endless dictatorial mandates, instead promoting unquestioning compliance. Listen to us, do what you’re told and wear a mask, or it’s your fault if you get COVID and die. Listen to us and do what you’re told, or you’ll be labeled an “anti” and shunned from the acceptable society that “journalism” polices.

There will never be a reckoning or acceptance of fault on the part of the media, because they are incapable of correcting their preconceptions and admitting that The Science™ was wrong. They placed their unquestioning faith in experts having a level of competence that they simply do not possess.

The last point was made in the spring of 2020 by a medical school professor friend. He thought that the confident physicians and public health “scientists” going on TV and being quoted by the media were going to permanently damage the reputations of doctors and academics. My friend wasn’t sure what would happen with COVID-19, but he was 100 percent sure that the media-favorite and government-favorite figureheads for #Science were simply guessing (since the virus was new, general public mask orders were new, and lockdowns were new).

A recent example of confident explanation, “Oregon’s Covid-19 Wave Is at Its Worst Despite High Vaccination Rate” (WSJ, 9/3/2021):

Oregon has the 12th highest vaccination rate in the U.S., with 58% of all residents fully vaccinated, according to data compiled by the Mayo Clinic—but the intensive care units in Asante’s three hospitals are overflowing with Covid-19 patients. They can’t transfer elsewhere in the state because most Oregon hospitals are in a similar situation.

Health authorities in Oregon say the current Covid-19 wave—during which infection and hospitalization rates have hit new highs—is the result of uneven vaccination rates between urban and more-rural areas.

In Multnomah County, home to Portland, 67% of residents are fully vaccinated. Meanwhile, in Jackson County, home to Medford, 51% of residents are fully vaccinated, and in the adjoining counties of Josephine and Douglas the rates are 46% and 43%, respectively.

In response, Gov. Kate Brown has ordered some of the strictest statewide restrictions currently in effect in the U.S. Residents must wear masks in most public settings, indoors or outdoors, and vaccines are mandatory for healthcare workers and teachers. The National Guard has been deployed to hospitals statewide. The state is hiring nurses and other medical professionals and sending them to hard hit areas like southern Oregon.

(The last point is consistent with what our Medical School 2020 author told me recently. The hospital where he is training is short-staffed because nurses can quit and make $100,000 in three months as “travelers”. The hospital is packed with COVID-19 patients currently, most of whom would likely do just as well at home with an oxygen bottle.)

Why is Oregon having a surge right now? It could simply be because the coronavirus didn’t thrive in the state before, leaving Oregon near the lowest on a list of states ranked by COVID-19 death rate and therefore there is less natural immunity in the population (for the same reason, no matter how boneheaded the governors of New York, New Jersey, and Maskachusetts are, there aren’t too many more people left in those states who can be killed by COVID-19). Why are these rural counties in Oregon suffering more than the righteous urban dwellers? It could be due to the difference in vaccination rate, as the state health experts confidently say, but it could also be because folks in the city were more likely to have been previously exposed. Apparently, it is difficult for reporters to find a “scientist” willing to say “I don’t know why.”

9 thoughts on “Righteous versus Wicked (Israel v. Sweden) in the COVID Olympics

  1. This just in from Maskachusetts: 1,420 Coronavirus Cases Reported In MA School Year’s First Count


    Where were the most cases reported? Springfield! Three of the biggest industries in Springfield are, of course (not in any particular order): Government, the Poor Mines, and Healthcare (I know!)

    “Eleven districts reported 20 or more cases, with Springfield having the largest total: 70 students and eight staff members.”

    Separately, as hard as I try, I can’t find much about Israel or Sweden being discussed with any serious effort on major news outlets. The Drudge Report (certainly not a major news outlet) is still running the link about the cases in Israel running amok despite 80% of the population being vaccinated.


  2. 1. Check out Marek’s disease in chicken, and how it evolved due to a leaky vaccine.
    2. Covid19 vaccinations are leaky – data we are seeing supports it, and the makers/CDC, etc. say it only reduces symptoms, and does not stop the spread.
    3. Mandate these leaky vaccines on the entire population, most of who did/would_do fine with the wild first variant.
    4. …
    5. Profit?

    Where are all the real scientists? There are people who want to understand what changed with “naturally acquired immunity”, ” herd immunity”, “leaky vaccine”, in the context of covid19.

  3. Conjecture only.

    Shouldn’t dismiss correlation between rising vaccination rate and rising mortality. (which you don’t)

    Appearance of vaccine appears to have reset the S-I-R curves. That’s a remarkable novelty. (which you show)

    One conjecture is
    (i) vaccine allows patient to tolerate higher viral loads without death. Don’t know what mechanism is. Couldn’t begin to guess.

    (ii) Such higher loading and longer indwelling results in high absolute population count of mutations via the common mechanism of all genetic algorithms. (not higher frequency of mutations – but higher absolute numbers of mutants)

    (iii) Some mutations will be successful (for the virus), most won’t.

    (iv) contagion/transmission to others by any successful mutations facilitated by such higher loads.

    (v) Rinse and repeat.

    To simplify, the vaccine allows virus more time in the host to mutate and avoid destruction by immune systems trained by said vaccine.

    We wanted another cure for polio. It’s 2021. We came up with Scott’s Miracle Gro.

  4. Nobel prize winning immunologist Prof Doherty has never heard of natural immunity.

    Why are you all so anti Science(tm)


    This despite his own website mentioning it.


    “What might trigger a return to ‘normal’?

    When we know who’s immune

    Serosurveys survey the population for antibodies in blood that protect against COVID-19. These can indicate the proportion of the population with natural immunity after COVID-19 infection.”

    • I guess that Peter Doherty became an anti-vaxxer, since if the real thing does not give immunity, why a vaccine would give it? I guess that things starting to look different for immunologists when they turn eighty. I need to remember to retire before hitting eighty.

  5. So what’s the difference between Sweden and Israel? Some very significant factor is at play in the last two months of the graphs.

    What about weather? Apparently, after vaccination, the most significant factor in CV19 spread is ventilation, or the lack of it.

    In Sweden, July and August are pleasant northern summer months, with short nights. People may spend almost the whole of the day outside if work allows, in conditions where accidental CV19 transmission is relatively improbable.

    Whereas in Israel the outside temperature away from the coast can soar uncomfortably and I expect that people close the windows and turn up the air conditioning, or airborne pathogen distribution system, as it should better be termed.

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