How did you end up celebrating Latinx Heritage Month?

The Federal government says that today is the last day of National Hispanic American Heritage Month”. What did you do to celebrate?

Why doesn’t the post headline agree with the government’s web site? A TV show from state-sponsored media corrects the name of this celebration to “Latinx Heritage Month”:

(Most of the government-run events linked to from the government’s official site do use the term “Latinx” rather than “Hispanic”. Example:


9 thoughts on “How did you end up celebrating Latinx Heritage Month?

  1. How do they pronounce it? I’ve only ever seen it written. “La-tinks”? “La-teen-ex”? “Latin-ex”?

  2. I was educated in a pretty good public school system in a northeastern state back in the 1970s and ’80s, which entailed a full year of Spanish at the time, from a pretty good teacher. I learned and retained enough that I don’t have a problem reading most Spanish in common usage. I took a vacation to Mexico about 20 years ago and amazed some of the locals because I “get” most of the nuances of pronunciation.

    At the moment I don’t produce it very well because I haven’t had enough recent practice, but I guess that with about a month of that I would do a good enough job not to make people laugh or mortally jeopardize myself. So I celebrate my Latinx “heritage” sometimes just by knowing that.

    I suppose I’m also now a cousin by marriage of a man who is definitely Latino (don’t know about Latinx, didn’t ask) so we’re All In The Family Together. I’m looking forward to seeing him again, he made a great first impression with me, great guy.

    In the meantime I give everyone: “Mexican Americans” sung by the incomparable Cheech Marin:

  3. I celebrated by reminding my fellow Americans that English is the language of this land. And that our government and businesses by providing services, primely in English and Spanish only is disseminating against the many other races and immigrants that don’t speak English or Spanish.

    I demand equal inclusion all around or bust!

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