How’s the Climate Change summit in Glasgow going?

For nearly two years, the global elite have been telling the peasantry not to gather across households for fear of spreading deadly SARS-CoV-2. The global elite have closed borders as well (except for the U.S. southern border, which must remain open), because one certainly wouldn’t want to give a variant virus a chance to infect a new area. It is doubly bad when people from different countries mix.

Since at least 2015, when elites gathered in Paris via Gulfstream, elites have been telling the peasants not to emit CO2.

Where are the elite right now? They’ve gathered in Glasgow via Gulfstream, Boeing Business Jet (#WhenAGulfstreamIsTooSmall), and Airbus Corporate Jet for a climate change conference: COP26. And they’re encouraging the rabble to gather and spread coronavirus as well in an indoor “Green Zone”:

From all over the globe, youth activists, Indigenous Peoples, small and large businesses and grass roots communities will be bringing COP26 to life with cultural performances, exhibitions, talks, film screenings and technical demonstrations, all open to the public. Located in the iconic Glasgow Science Centre, on the south bank of the River Clyde, the Green Zone will welcome visitors from 9am – 6pm each day.

Over 200 events will take place in the Green Zone over the 12 days of the summit. Tickets will be available free of charge to the public.

This post is to ask “What news on the Rialto?” Does it look all of our climate dreams will be coming true soon?

Sadly, the G800 was not certified in time for this event…


A graphic from the Daily Mail that attempts to calculate the carbon emissions from flying four heavy jets (two B747s plus two C-17s with the helicopters, limousines, etc.) across the Atlantic and then driving around.

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  1. The hypocrisy is disgusting and disturbing. Except for Elon Musk and perhaps a few others, all these billionnaires need to take a good look in the mirror. With his Jeffrey Epstein dalliances (Gates said he enjoyed meeting a Swedish woman and her daughter at Epstein’s UES townhouse — one of the few emails/texts which has been leaked), one would think Gates would give it a rest with his social media presence. So he flew from wherever to Westchester Co, NY, for eldest child’s nuptials, then on to Europe for his birthday bash. Likely expensed out entire itinerary on his Gulfstream to “work” for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

  2. I don’t know anything about the Rialto, but Prince Charles has revealed this his personal Aston Martin runs on Wine and Cheese (bioethanol, which is also good for mixing drinks!) He has a very nice, older DB6 Volante with real wire wheels.

    “I’ve got electric cars now but it’s been so difficult,” he told the BBC. “My old Aston Martin, which I’ve had for 51 years, runs on – can you believe this – surplus English white wine, and whey from the cheese process.”

    We need to be on a “war-like” footing against the Deplorable Proles!

  3. Lest anyone accuse American rockers Kiss of holding on to climate-damaging assets they don’t need, early this spring Gene Simmons (born Chaim Witz on August 25, 1949, in Haifa, Israel) listed one of his homes in the Las Vegas suburbs for $14.6 million (purchase price was around $10.8M CASH) because nobody uses it, so technically he is no longer responsible for its carbon footprint. He did make some admirable improvements to the grounds, he did work on the place, so he actually improved the property, which is gorgeous. Of course, now the band has canceled its LV shows because one of their roadies died of COVID and they’re facing an insurrection, blaming the band for his death, so maybe he’s gonna need the money.

  4. > How’s the Climate Change summit in Glasgow going?

    Not with a good start for this would-be delegate: “Ms Elharrar reportedly told Israel’s Channel 12 that she could not get onto the grounds of the conference because the only options were to either walk or take a shuttle that was not suitable for a wheelchair.”

    The UK’s “Environment Secretary” gave her the kind of treatment usually considered adequate for the little people who pay taxes. ‘But he also appeared to blame the Israeli delegation, telling BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “What would normally happen in this situation is that Israel would have communicated that they had that particular need for their minister.”‘ Silly Israelis!

    • Yeah, apparently they didn’t do the logistics very well. I saw that picture of everyone bunched up like hippies at Woodstock trying to get in one of the venues. Not only didn’t they do very well transporting people there, they apparently never thought about how to get them into the place in an orderly fashion without them bunching up like a big human blood clot. This is why they need a lot more money!

      But maybe that’s part of the “draw” – it’s tough to get there, it’s tough to get in. That lends an air of exclusivity to the whole proceeding, like groupies waiting in the lobby of a hotel for their chance to meet the band.

  5. It’s easy to be snarky about the climate and the environment, but I have seen irreversible decline in my 83 years in Florida, and I’m personally responsible for part of it as an ignorant youth in flyover country.
    Would be nice to glimpse the future, but it probably will be life beneath a white bioengineered sky trying to reflect enough sunlight to offset the greenhouse effect. We are leaving our descendants some frightful problems.

  6. I should have predicted this but NPR on Sirius Satellite Radio (thus nationwide) is telling the real story of the behind-the-scenes at Glasgow: It’s big-city mayors.

    I just listened to a segment featuring the Mayor of Miami, who is still in Glasgow, and he rattled off the reasons why cities about to be turned into new Swamps were so important: 91% of America’s GDP, all the population, etc. Thus they are incredibly important and many of the mayors have stayed behind – after all the groupies with the flowers and hippie symbols have dispersed – to hammer out the real nitty gritty of their Climate Change Response agenda:

    Subsidies and Resilience. They’re going to need lots more money to build up their fortifications, convert their economies to carbon-neutral and most especially to offer grants and subsidies to poor people living in their cities so they can retrofit their homes with climate-ready new technology for windows, heating, A/C, roofing, etc., etc. I didn’t hear a number before I came in but the Miami mayor Francis X. Suarez ( ) talked about all the new initiatives and programs and resilience efforts he needs to take to get Miami ready for it’s projected 2 foot rise in sea level by 2060. It’s going to be big, big dollars once all those mayors get their heads together. He noted several times how much power they had, now and in the future.

    I suppose those numbers are going to have at least 12 zeros after them. That’s where the meat in Glasgow is.

    • Alex: That’s consistent with what I’ve seen. Folks who say that they’re upset by “inequality” proceed to demand that folks who live in low-cost low-income non-coastal parts of the country subsidize massive seawalls to protect the financial interests of the world’s richest people (e.g., owners of skyscrapers in downtown Boston and NYC, Barack Obama on his Martha Vineyard estate, etc.). They never propose a higher property tax rate on buildings less than 10′ above sea level, for example, which might seem like the most obvious way to fund a “hold back the sea” project, but instead advocate for funding to come from the federal government, e.g., harvested from income tax paid by medium-income folks living 5,000′ above sea level in Denver.

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