Lecture regarding portfolio diversification from a mother of 6

What are folks doing for end-of-year portfolio clean-up in light of the radically changed economic landscape, notably the dramatic inflation as measured by the CPI and the even more dramatic inflation as experienced by actual consumers? A friend who is a connoisseur of hip hop sent me this brief lecture on portfolio diversification (the percentages are accurate for a lot of states, but the dollar figures could have been a lot higher if higher-income targets had been identified). Note that the lecturer’s strategy is inflation-proof since the wages on which her income is based should rise along with any inflation rate.

4 thoughts on “Lecture regarding portfolio diversification from a mother of 6

  1. It’s hard to distinguish between satire and reality these days, but I assume the lecture is real. It should be part of the curriculum for teenage boys, same as http://realworlddivorce.com/.

    It could also be part of Economics 101. Imagine a test question: “In this risk model, if a pregnancy results in twins, how many additional sperm/money donors are needed to restore the risk to the same level as before the twins were born?”

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