Transgender Awareness Week in our public schools

Today is the last day of Transgender Awareness Week: “a one-week celebration leading up to the Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDoR), which memorializes victims of transphobic violence.”

A friend’s kids attend public school in a high-income North Shore Boston suburb. They’ve been receiving daily instruction regarding Transgender Awareness in their respective elementary and middle schools. One of the assignments is a take-home project. The middle school student is supposed to watch three school-selected videos with a parent or a sibling and then return to the (math) teacher with a report on his/her/zir/their reactions to the videos. The teacher can thus build up a file on how parents reacted to the following officially-chosen videos:

What about here in Florida? The Palm Beach County Public Schools:

2SLGBTQQIA+ has nothing to do with either religion or sex:

(Separately, in a defeat for #Science and despite having hired Elizabeth Holmes’s former law firm (David Boies was on her board and, according to Bad Blood, he and the firm were principal enablers of keeping the fraud quiet), Palm Beach County lost its legal dispute with the #Science-hating governor. Students are mask-free as of November 8 (but the library still requires masks).)

Readers: How did you celebrate?

Young Fiona can now breathe at school! Here she is talking to the Palm Beach County Covidcrats:


  • Regarding the Palm Beach County Schools asserting that tolerance/celebration of 2SLGBTQQIA+ is “not in conflict with any religious beliefs” (maybe they meant that it is not in conflict with their own religious beliefs, e.g., in Rainbow Flagism?)… “Can Islam Accommodate Homosexual Acts? Meditations on the Past Two Years” (Maydan): … nor has anyone argued that the canonical texts of Islam support anything other than specifically delineated sexual relationships that are all necessarily male-female. … Affirming the Quran as divine speech while concurrently accepting its alleged erroneousness on a subject so vital to the human experience in the modern world presents an untenable proposition for revisionist actors. In order to resolve tensions arising from these incompatible affirmations, it is the Quranic message that is overwritten in the name of sexual liberty. A Faustian bargain of epic proportions, the logical outcome of such a negotiation is a minimalist faith with no reference to the Quran as God’s inerrant word or the prophetic practice as representing the archetype of how to faithfully live that word. … It would seem we now have a workable sexual ethic that can be brought into conversation with Islamic sexual norms to then assert the licitness of same-sex relationships. However, the ethical and moral program upheld by Islam (which is, of course, the subject at hand) has never viewed consent as the sole criteria for sexual acts, and much that can be enacted consensually is indisputably prohibited. Zinā (fornication and adultery), for instance, is prohibited explicitly in the Quran irrespective of consent. Likewise with physical intimacy short of intercourse and seclusion between two marriageable persons (khalwa). Indeed, the elective agreement of two participating parties hardly counts when determining what is lawful and unlawful sexually in the Sharīʿa.

10 thoughts on “Transgender Awareness Week in our public schools

  1. Why do they claim that “discussing LGBTQ+ issues is not about sex”? Of course it is about sex.

    What if heterosexual men and women started talking about enlargements of certain body parts all day long? Why not introduce that as a school subject if gender reassignment is taught?

    I prefer the old arrangement, where people didn’t care (or even know!) that oppressed people like Leonard Bernstein or Sviatoslav Richter were gay. Do we care that they were gay musicians? Or do we just want to listen to their output?

    • “I prefer the old arrangement, where people didn’t care (or even know!) ”

      That’s the problem. You are to both know and care.

  2. Schools propagandizing parents through their children. That’ll backfire. Have your friends teach their kids all about the 42% problem. That 42% of trannies commit suicide. The kids can report that is what they learned this week.

    • GB: I think of this more as a situation in which a government worker collects and retains a record of what parents might have said regarding 2SLGBTQQIA+. Not as a persuasion exercise, but as an investigatory method.

      Separately, I am concerned that you did not really get into the spirit of the celebration this week.

  3. I see your parenthesis about the (math) teacher being the responsible party. I wonder how frequent that is? Why not a Social Studies or a Health teacher, or a History teacher?

    • Alex: Maybe because in mathematics we can prove things with certainty. Consider this tweet by a scientist:

      Trans women are women.
      Trans men are men.
      Non-binary people are themselves.
      I love you, I see you and your safety and well-being are paramount.

      Imagine a J.K. Rowling-style hater in the class saying “I think there is a difference between a transwoman and a woman.” The math teacher can actually prove to the hater that he/she/ze/they is wrong whereas a social studies teacher might only be able to show that better people have a different (better) opinion.

    • The comments on the above tweet by Lin-Manuel Miranda (who practices race-based discrimination in hiring for the Hamilton show and, also, allegedly, discrimination against nonbinary actors (, are interesting. People object to “Non-binary people are themselves” and want it to read “Non-binary people are non-binary”.

      Some additional replies…

      Can we get #BoycottJKRowling more traction? I’m tired of She-who-must-not-be-named and her transphobia. It’s pride month.

      FYI a man telling any woman who is & who can be a woman is the epitome of misogyny. Men do not get to tell women what a woman is, who can be a woman, that men can be women or that anyone who feels like they are a woman is a woman. Or that woman may speak. Women decide for women


      What defines a trans woman?

      No uterus. No opinion. Sit down and listen to women.

      [from a scientist] What about the other 4 biological sexes? There are 6 known sexes. Learn something before you deal in absolutes.

    • @Philg: Thank you for the quotes and the link. I was recalling Allan Bloom’s words from his essay “Western Civ,” which he delivered at Harvard University in 1988 and was published in his book “Giants and Dwarfs.” From page 28:

      “…Science is surely somehow transcultural. Religion seems pretty much limited to cultures, even to define them. Is philosophy like science, or is it like religion? What we are witnessing is an attempt to drag it away definitively to the camp of religion.

      The universities have dealt with this problem by cedeing the despised historicized humanities to the political activists and extremists, leaving undisturbed their nonhistoricized disciplines, which is where the meat and the money are. It is a windfall for administrators to be able to turn all the affirmative-action complaints over to the humanities, which act as a lightning rod while their ship continues its stately progress over undisturbed waters. Stanford shows its concerned, humane, radical face to its inner community, and its serious technical face to the outside community, particularly to its donors. The humanities radicals will settle for this on the calculation that if they can control the minds of the young, they will ultimately gain political control over the power of science.”

      Mission Accomplished! Thirty three years after Bloom gave that address at Harvard, public school math teachers are now the responsible party for enforcing the “celebration” of Transgender Awareness Week.

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