Not everyone in Florida is a Deplorable Neanderthal (children’s section of a Palm Beach County library)

Folks in Maskachusetts tend to be scornful of Florida, dismissing it as a “Red state” with “stupid” residents. But you won’t see a big difference at our local public library (the Jupiter branch of the Palm Beach County system).

Government workers won’t have their pay cut or jobs eliminated no matter how unpleasant they make the customer experience. Thus, in a generally mask-optional state, the librarians don’t have a problem demanding that customers wear the hijab (so both librarians and patrons can catch coronavirus 15 minutes after leaving when they walk into a mostly-unmasked store or restaurant?):

The librarians also sit behind Plexi screens that the New York Times says #Science now disclaims.

How about the featured books in the children’s section?

What if a child wants to read about a white heterosexual cisgender male? He/she/ze/they will have to dig into the stacks! (Keith Haring, above, may have identified as “white,” but was a member of the LGBTQIA+ community until HIV killed him at age 31.)

Children can learn about the female roots of aeronautical engineering:

(Maybe a book about Kitty Hawk could be featured if titled “The Wright Brothers, Sisters, and Binary-resisters”?)

A featured book in the adult section:

(Another way that Maskachusetts residents insult the idea of Florida is by talking about how old everyone in Florida is. (If the Northern Righteous have such contempt for the elderly, why do they put masks on 7-year-olds in hopes of reducing plague deaths among the 82-year-olds?) In fact, our new neighborhood is about 30 years younger than our old neighborhood. Still, it is tough not to love the fact that the librarians expect their elderly customers to still be running Windows 7 (released in 2009). There were no corresponding books about Windows 10 or 11 available. Speaking of Windows 11, will the main reason to upgrade be the ability to point to our PC and say “this one goes to 11”?)


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  1. Just another taxpayer-paid sinecure for the kind of people who won’t be caught doing honest work (defined as “somebody actually wants to pay for it”) for a living.

    Leftists, basically.

  2. Are counties allowed to have their own mandates mandates counter to Governor orders in Florida? I noticed that many stores and businesses in Florida make employees wear masks, more then in other Southern states that I visited, but they are 100% OK with customers not wearing masks and explain that “we have to”. Even some federal attractions in Florida where masks were required had reluctant masks wearers on their payroll with masks placed below their chin.
    Word pride meaning is being inflated. It should be use as “I was proud winning over Taliban in Afghanistan”. It would be great boost to LGBTQ if US forces with LGBTQ lead defeated Taliban.

    • Private businesses in FL can do whatever they want (including, as with Disney, insisting on customers being masked). I think the prevailing legal wisdom nationwide is that governors have the power to lock everyone down and order everyone to wear masks, but they do NOT have the power to order government workers to go to work, to prevent mask orders, etc. It is a beautiful asymmetry!

    • @philg, I think that “no mask mandate” should have some meaning. Florida businesses were good at not dictating their customers whether to wear or not to wear at best useless peace of cloth.
      I think that the governor should be able to order state employees not to persecute public. Is county employment falls under sate employment in Florida?

    • RB:

      Apparently, yes. The PBC has issued its own set of covid rules (contradicting?) the state regulations:

      If you consider the fact that PBC has been heavily infested by NY/NJ/MA transplants (56% of the county pop voted for Biden), then a lot of what is happening in the PBC will no longer be mysterious. As an example of the level of brain damage, consider this article:

      The PBC is not so crazy(yet) as the NYS for example, but given enough time the woke infection will spread from its center in the PBC and eventually kill the otherwise maybe not so smart but healthy host (the rest of the peninsula). “You can run but you cannot hide”.

    • Ivan: My favorite thing about Palm Beach County so far is that they protect children by ordering masks in school. Nothing is sadder than a child infected with coronavirus. And they will hire Elizabeth Holmes’s lawyer to keep kids safe (via masks). Also, Palm Beach County runs an indoor basketball program where… the kids who just left their fully masked carefully arranged classrooms are now indoors and unmasked and not separated from each other in any way. #Coronalogic #FollowTheScience

  3. Will it increase one’s social credit score if one checks out conformist literature from state libraries?

  4. Phil: Sorry you didn’t find the White anti-homosexual utopia in Florida you were looking for. But good to see you haven’t broken your streak of posting mask signs in at least every third post for the last year.

    • Mike, you wanted to be a part of multi-millionaire family but @philg will not adopt you with this attitude,

    • That sounds like old Soviet state indoctrination of kindergärtners. It did not work on older schoolchildren, they either joined street/school gangs or were subject of bullying by such gangs and remaining were already brain dead.
      Or maybe it is some other Communist party propaganda?

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