Bumperstickerology in South Florida

Neighbors in Maskachusetts were so passionate about political and social justice causes that they would run out of space on the liftgates of their cars and/or front lawn space in their 2-acre minimum zoned lot. I decided to do a survey of all back-of-vehicle messages, except for dealer advertising, in a single parking lot. A license plate frame that mentions a sports team counts. The lot in question is in Palm Beach Gardens at an 82-acre soccer, tennis, pickle ball, spray park, and playground facility that hosts after-school soccer (“Palm Beach Predators”).

Note the Jeep, above, that was purchased in Alexandria, Virginia. Even the Yet Bigger Government gravy train couldn’t keep this family from moving to the Sunshine State! Note also that “Just a Mom with Perseverance” does not refer to a family court plaintiff (see the last part of Self-criticism today: photographer asks museum to close his own show), but to the mother of a child participating in Perseverance Basketball, a local youth sports enterprise.

I’m not sure that this is included in the 82 acres, but the courts below are country club-quality clay.:

Readers: Is this a good way to measure the overall level of discontent in a community? If so, I think the Palm Beach County Floridians are pretty happy! According to what’s on their cars, their concerns are kids, kids’ sports, kids’ schools, Disney, and pro sports teams from the frozen post-industrial towns where they used to live.

9 thoughts on “Bumperstickerology in South Florida

  1. The Palm Beach County PBA evidently does fundraising the right way by sending back a supporter sticker (probably with a signed “Thank You!” letter) to their donors. It’s a little more expensive but I know that it helps the effectiveness of fundraising campaigns. That’s great!

    It looks like a lot of happy, (mostly) normal people there from what I can tell, not a bunch of faux-virtuous pretenders, whiners and complainers.

  2. I left Massachusetts for FL over 30 years ago. On casual Fridays I sometimes were my Nike Red Sox or Patriots Polo to work (mostly for the comments and wise cracks).

  3. When I was a teen back in MA in the early ’80s, a couple of friends and I engaged in bumper sticker wars, surreptitiously slapping odd and embarrassing (e.g. I Love Disco!) bumper stickers on each others’ cars.

  4. While PhilipG is taking bumper pictures of stickers at the Sunshine state of Florida — in a Short Sleeve T-Shirt — us here in Righteous state of Maskachusetts, are stuck at home with the heat cranked up. I say it is time for the nonbinaries Patriates of Maskachusetts to revolt against the Deplorable Floridian.

  5. We need to market a bumpersticker where the owner can mark off the number of vaccine booster shots they’ve had with hash marks and so forth. ‘Cuz if you got vaccinated in March or April with Pfizer like I did, the Delta Variant has your number. I got my Moderna booster yesterday. Packed house.

    “No matter how old you are, two shots of Pfizer vaccine don’t last – study.”


    When will anyone at the CDC start putting: “We Lied To You Fu**ers!” bumperstickers on their cars?

    • Here is the paper:

      “The risk for breakthrough infection was significantly
      higher for Early Vaccinees compared with those vaccinated later
      with an additional trend for higher risk for hospitalization among
      the Early Vaccinees group. Our results correspond to recent
      publications that demonstrate a significant decline in antibody
      levels and immune systems compounds over time following the
      second dose of vaccination5–7.”


      Based on this, I think the Hashmark Booster Shot Bumpersticker is a winning product. Maybe a line of bracelets with little beads you can add, a set of Rosary Booster Beads for Christians, tattoos for the extroverted, and of course, RFID chips in the neck for everyone. The goalposts have moved! Just as Senorpablo has said, the vaccines no longer prevent infection, but they may lessen the severe symptoms.

      “The past was alterable. The past never had been altered. Oceania was at war with Eastasia. Oceania had always been at war with Eastasia.”


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