Immigrant comments on the Alice Sebold/Anthony Broadwater situation

Why we need the Daily Mail:

What other news outlet would highlight the inequality of the situation? (The liar enjoys freedom (well, until the lockdowns) and a $6 million house, paid for partly from the profits of writing about the lie; the person who tells the truth goes to prison for 16 years and then tries to live and work as a convicted felon and sex offender.)

An immigrant friend sent a photo to our chat group from within this article:

The immigrant’s take on the situation?

I love this. Mask outside, reusable bag, San Francisco. So many markers of virtue. Except for putting an innocent black man in prison.

A native-born friend in Maskachusetts responded:

Saw a woman biking today with a mask on. On a rural road.

10 thoughts on “Immigrant comments on the Alice Sebold/Anthony Broadwater situation

  1. How this happened:

    “She told police at the time about the rape, and an examination was performed.

    Then, five months after it, when they’d failed to locate him, she saw a man in the street who she was convinced was her attacker.”

    “At a lineup shortly afterwards, she was asked to identify the rapist but she picked the man standing next to Broadwater.”

    “The police extracted one of his pubic hairs to run a DNA analysis on him and they used that hair analysis to convict him – using technology that is now discredited.”

    Another win for Science! I’m sure in court some expert explained that #TheScienceIsSettled.

    • And she claimed that #4 and #5 in the lineup looked very similar, which is utter nonsense. On that basis alone the case should have been thrown out.

      A very sad story. For this particular one I’d even join a (peaceful) BLM protest, preferably in front of her 6 million SF house (my guess is that if she gives a statement, she’ll blame systemic racism for this “unfortunate occurrence”).

    • Anonymous: I think that your guess has been proven true. “Alice Sebold Sorry Innocent Man Went to Jail for Her Rape, Blames ‘Flawed Legal System'” (Newsweek; ):

      “I am grateful that Mr. Broadwater has finally been vindicated, but the fact remains that 40 years ago, he became another young Black man brutalized by our flawed legal system,” she said. “I will forever be sorry for what was done to him.”


      I think that it would be fair to summarize the above as blaming systemic racism.

  2. Waiting for The Greenspun to get his 1st booster shot of many & come back to Calif* for expert witness duty.

    • I got my booster after reasoning the situation out (i.e., that the only way to stop people from using my inevitable Covid infection as a justification for government coercion, I had to follow Fauci). Tested out my immunity at a Omicron super-spreader event today (Art Basel Miami). On the way down, I passed a county-run Covid testing facility. They promise results in “2 or 3 days”. So useful for stopping the spread!

    • Dr. Philip, booster already, before 6 months expired? Or did you secretly fully inoculated in April or early May ?

    • Was it first booster? Are you planning to make it a quarterly event? What is the rationale for early booster? Buearacrats do not require boosters yet? Is covid RFID prototype is in works? Great entrepreneurial idea I guess

    • LSI: Are you sure that you’re adding up months the same way that I am? (not that anyone at CVS cares when you go in and ask for a booster! You could have come in the day before and they will inject you again) When I take today minus 6 months I get June 2, 2021. Almost everyone in the U.S. should meet the 6-month interval that Dr. Fauci recommends. #FollowTheScience

      Will I do it quarterly? If Dr. Fauci says that is the path to salvation I think I will have to! I do have a low-priority personal goal of getting my 50th shot before the typical person in at least one low-income country is offered his/her/zir/their first.

    • Philip, it is December 2nd but I do not think that you report your vaccinations in real time. I guess you vaccinated sometimes ago. Janssen for example showed immunity 8 months after single shot so it is fair assume that those who vaccinated over the summer do not need a booster yet, for example 90+ years old people that I know fully vaccinated by March and got boosters few weeks ago, and stayed healthy (in terms of coronavirus anyway) in between, and still are healthy

    • LSI: Thanks for the information, but remember that I’m not trying to minimize my overall health risk. I’m not enough of an expert anyway, I don’t think, to sort out all of the conflicting info that has been published about vaccines (starting with the over-promising that seems to come with every new product of the pharma industry). My main goal with the first vaccine was to be able to travel freely (where “free” means no medical tests required, for example). I failed at that, of course. Now my primary goal is to prevent Karen from saying “I told you so” when I inevitably get COVID-19. So I have to follow Dr. Fauci’s advice even it is doesn’t make medical sense (I won’t conflate medicine and actual science by talking about “scientific sense”).

      (I start from the assumption that all changes humans have made in response to COVID-19 have been the wrong things to do and that includes universal vaccination (not too much protection value for people under 50 years old and puts pressure on the virus to evolve; vaccinating the old/vulnerable makes sense to me, of course).)

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