California Karen hosts a 200,000-person mass gathering (Super Bowl in Los Angeles)

SARS-CoV-2 is a sufficiently serious enemy that the Inglewood, California schools shut down completely for more than 400 days and, even after that, reopened only in a diluted “hybrid” form (source). Karen takes COVID-19 seriously enough to deprive children of an education (albeit not seriously enough to shut down the alcohol and essential marijuana stores for adults).

What’s Karen planning for February 2022? Super Bowl LVI, which will bring more than 100,000 ticket-holders together simultaneously in the (mostly enclosed) Inglewood, CA stadium (closer to 200,000 in and around the stadium and nearby hotels if we count support staff, hospitality workers, etc.?).

A free state such as Florida or South Dakota could host a Super Bowl without hypocrisy, but how can California in general or Los Angeles County in particular? COVID-19 was serious enough to warrant closing schools and imposing vaccine papers checkpoints on gathering places, but not serious enough to refrain from pulling 200,000 people from every corner of Planet Earth into close proximity? Even if they are righteously masked in the stadium (0-11% reduction in spread!), they’re inevitably going to be partying indoors and unmasked (#BecauseEatingAndDrinking) in big crowds before and after, no?

Separately, how could the National Football League have taken the risk of scheduling the game in California? What if the #Science-following Covidcrats decide that public health is more important than mere profits and shut down the event? A lot of $5,000 tickets will have to be refunded, no?

7 thoughts on “California Karen hosts a 200,000-person mass gathering (Super Bowl in Los Angeles)

  1. I remember during the “height” of the “pandemic” NFL announcers would say things like “Lamar Jackson is out with Covid” with an obvious shrug in their voice. An omission! Somebody didn’t bother scripting that into the more propagandistic construction, “Lamar Jackson is out with Covid…and we’re all praying that he’ll pull through!” I mean, these announcers always act like a charlie horse is a great crisis, so it wouldn’t have been a stretch…

    It reminded me of a clip of (literal) weepers and wailers going by Kim Il-sung’s casket who, as soon as they thought they were off-camera would revert to their standard bored, featureless, Asiatic expressions.

  2. Either the Rams or the Chargers have a game there every week. While there will be more fans for the Super Bowl, it’s not drastically more.

    The same thing will happen at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena on New Years Day…and has happened all year at countless stadiums across the country. College football draws far more than the pros do.

    By the way, you need to show proof of vaccination of have a negative covid test 24 hours before entering SoFi Stadium (where the SB will be played.

    As far as partying goes…this is LA. It’s a party every night here.

    • “you need to show proof of vaccination”

      So it will be just like the situation in which my friend got Covid a week ago!

      (Maybe the 200,000 folks who gather while relying on their vaccination against a 2.5-year-old version of SARS-CoV-2 will breed a new “Super Bowl” mutation and enable us to get away from the Greek letters.)

    • I don’t think it’s any news that the vaccinated get covid. College football games in the covid ignorant south routinely host over 100,000 fans, both vaccinated and unvaxed I imagine

      In LA you can get a test at virtually any CVS or Walgreens, as well as Super Markets. Plus, there are a multitude of sites that offer testing. Massachusetts is not LA.

    • “I don’t think it’s any news that the vaccinated get covid.”

      If one of the goals of the righteous is to minimize mutations, which we are informed is why the unvaccinated have to be coerced and/or euthanized, and the righteous have believed all along that the vaccines don’t stop people from getting infected and transmitting Covid, why would the Californians who are NOT “covid ignorant” hold a super-spreader event like this?

    • Good thing for the money-grabbers that there are enough ignorant people in the south of California willing to go to a super-COVID event.

      At least if we gather the ignorant up into one place and let them kill each other with a virus there’ll be less of those kind and proportionally more enlightened people willing to save the planet by buying up Teslas. /s

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