Career Planning Inspiration

This is the time when young people begin looking for their first jobs out of college and/or high school. Where are these jobs likely to lead 40 years down the road? A friend sent me this article from MarketWatch:

My 59-year-old retired girlfriend is well-off. Her lakefront home with an extra buildable lot, her Florida condo, and her residential and commercial rental properties are all paid off, and she has over $3 million in cash and investments. She is also collecting alimony from her ex for a few more years.

I am 62 and employed, and have just under $1 million in cash and investments. I have no debt other than a car lease, I manage my finances prudently, and I’m a man of simple pleasures.

Looks like some career paths pay better than others….


  • Real World Divorce (the girlfriend’s career as a family court entrepreneur might have yielded a very different profit level in another state)

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  1. That guy definitely isn’t from Calif*. No weekly trip to Tahoe? When every other guy is a billionaire startup founder, women aim a little higher. The girlfriend sounds like what would be a morbidly obese mother of 5 in Calif*.

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