Take a weekend trip to the desert, to the gay inns, where clothing is optional (and so are masks)

Here’s a mid-December 2021 story from the LA Times:

Some excerpts from a newspaper that has supporting school closures, mandatory vaccinations, etc.:

The skin wants the sun. The skin wants warmth and touch, and then water and air, shade and cool. The skin pulls you to the desert, to the gay inns, where swimsuits are optional.

some pump gay-circuit electronica through speakers hidden in cactus gardens, that peculiarly ubiquitous and relentlessly driving sex-club music, and those places tend to be more … playful.

None of the photos show anyone wearing the masks that the newspaper says the general public should be ordered to wear.


7 thoughts on “Take a weekend trip to the desert, to the gay inns, where clothing is optional (and so are masks)

  1. I think the LA Times is just trying to address the realities that the 2SLGBTQQIA+ community is facing:


    “This report affirms what LGBTQ advocates and organizations have known all along: that our community is at greater risk and disproportionately affected by the COVID-19 health crisis. It is critical that health disparities in marginalized communities are fully captured by government data collection so they can be swiftly addressed. The Trump administration failed to acknowledge the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on LGBTQ people; it is most welcome that the Biden administration is not politicizing our community’s health and instead is addressing the realities we are facing.”

  2. You go up there a couple weeks every year and in 5 years you have the inmune system of horse

  3. The liberal progressive amerikans are still doing a good job keeping lesbian inns closed & keeping women under 60 fully masked & clothed.

  4. I keep telling my aging father: “See, Dad, what you need to do is just calm down about your problems, stop worrying about masks and vaccine cards, and just cruise on out to a Gay Inn where you can get your thang pulled on and much more by a Black dude with green hair. You’ll feel much better and the LA Times will want to photograph you for a new article about old straight white male Conservatives who have decided to take it the Gay Way.”

    That didn’t go over very well with him, but I guess those bois are having a grand old time. And nobody is going to stop them! It’s like I remember Boys Town in Chicago, when the Manhole was still there. Nothing has changed except the most recent pandemic. You can’t keep good men down!


  5. I am not sure why our fine host refers to the paper as the “LA Times”. The so called “LA Times” has since sold their headquarters and are based entirely in a different city called “El Segundo”.

    • Exactly. An area talk radio show — John & Ken? — refer to it as “the El Segundo Times”. First time I heard that I looked it up to learn about this new media outfit. Duh!

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