Non-white people considered high-risk when it is time to get COVID-19 medicine, but low-risk when gathering

Welcome to Covidcratic Logic Lesson #731.

From the Followers of Science in California, Order of the Health Officer of the County Of Sonoma C19-35:

To slow the spread of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (“COVID-19”), this Order prohibits large gatherings, as defined, as well as gatherings of 12 or more individuals of any age who are at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19, for the duration of this Order.

For the purpose of this Order, “individuals of any age higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19” means Persons with Certain Medical Conditions as defined by the CDC:

If we follow the CDC link we learn that having HIV (a disease not in any way associated with the 2SLGBTQQIA+ community) or being obese (a disease not in any way associated with having been locked down next to the fridge for two years) puts a person at higher risk, and therefore unable to gather legally (not in any way guaranteed by the First Amendment). Being non-white, however, does not prevent a person from gathering legally up to the 50-person limit that the Sonoma Covidcrats have established for the low-risk.

Both Federal and state Covidcrats, on the other hand, say that, when it is time to hand out the life-saving new COVID-19 treatment pills, skin color is important. “FDA wants race, ethnicity factored in administering COVID drugs” links to New York State and Utah policies. The Utah one is more precise:

If a person ages from 51 years old to 100 years old during 14 days to flatten the curve, his/her/zir/their point score goes up by 2 (from 3 to 5). If a person, on the other hand, embraces a non-white racial identity (like Rachel Dolezal or Justin Trudeau or any Virginia Democrat), he/she/ze/they gets the same 2-point boost. According to the table above, a white-identifying 51-year-old, in other words, has the same risk of being killed by SARS-CoV-2 as a 100-year-old who identifies as non-white and/or as white+Latinx. But this risk equivalence is to be used only for purposes of allocating scarce medical treatment and never for purposes of restricting the freedom to assemble.

A healthy BIPOC-identifying or Latinx-identifying resident of the U.S., in other words, is low risk for the purposes of Covidcratic centrally planned gathering restrictions and high risk for the purpose of Covidcratic centrally planned medicine allocation.

(Fans of chivalry will note that identifying as “male” (however that term is currently understood) adds 1 point on the Utah scale. How can this be applied if a COVID-19 patient shows up unconscious and is not able to explain his/her/zir/their current gender ID and preferred pronouns?)

Expert analysis of the advantages of being white:

9 thoughts on “Non-white people considered high-risk when it is time to get COVID-19 medicine, but low-risk when gathering

  1. Will white people ever grow tired of being discriminated against or will they forever be scared to make their voices heard. For the record I still don’t care about Black Lives Matter.

  2. What if these new drugs turn out to have serious side effects? Will Biden make a thunderous speech about BIPOCs being abused as guinea pigs?

  3. I think the last two years completely exhausted my capacity for giving fuсks. I encourage white libs, their BIPOC pets, and everyone scared of COVID to have as many jabs as they want. The more the better.

    • I feel the same way. If they want to call me a white supremacist fine…. I am a white supremacist! I still do not care about Black Lives Matter!

    • Toucan Sam said:

      [fine…. I am a white supremacist! ]

      There is the final evidence, the white supremacists are hiding out on blogs ran by PhD wielding secular Jews!

  4. That Eddie Murphy / SNL skit is why I started dressing up in whiteface! It hasn’t worked out like the show. Maybe people can tell I’m not really Black posing as white.

  5. In all seriousness, though: Equitable Medicine is going to be a driving force in healthcare from now on. The treatment you get is going to depend at least partially on an equity formula, which is going to depend on politics. It’s setting the medical profession up to be even more political and should be resisted at every turn. But most of them are cowards.

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