Martin Luther King Jr. on Freedom

I hope that everyone who works for the government, at least, is enjoying having today off.

This is a reminder to check Reinterpreting MLK’s ideas of freedom for the Age of COVID (July 4, 2021).

Cited back in July:

Oppressed people cannot remain oppressed forever. The yearning for freedom eventually manifests itself.

Should it be rewritten?

Vaccinated people cannot remain vaccinated forever. The yearning for a booster shot eventually manifests itself.

The July 2021 post noted that all of the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park buildings had been closed in April 2021 (and, presumably, since the start of coronapanic in March 2020). Do visitors have the freedom to enter today?

“A right delayed is a right denied”?

5 thoughts on “Martin Luther King Jr. on Freedom

    • Donald: I am sorry that you are not persuaded by MLK Jr.’s eloquent words in favor of booster shots.

  1. My parents both marched with MLK, Jr. and were glad to do so at the time. I’ll just leave it at that for now.

  2. Yes, it is quite likely that MLK himself would have been appalled by the lack of freedom lovers in today’s world population. Just live from one shot to the next and don’t think too much.

    • “A fourth shot may not offer much more protection against catching Omicron, an early Israeli study suggests.”

      Just from the headline, I am already able to infer the correct policy…. require a 5th shot!

      Let’s read a little more of the article, though. Here it is…

      “Israeli data shows that immunity provided by a booster shot begins to wane after a few months, and officials said that any downsides of getting a fourth shot were outweighed by the possibility that it could add protection as Omicron spread.”

      There is no possibility of “any downsides” from repeated use of a year-old medicine but, despite the apparent failure, there is some possibility that the fourth (and therefore the fifth) shot will “add protection”.

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