Movie suggestion: Black Death

Leaving HBO Max in a few days… Black Death, a 2010 film that is perfect for “these times.” I don’t want to spoil the movie, but one critical element is attempts by people whose understanding of The Science is imperfect to explain a geographical variation in death rate. At the very least, you’ll be grateful for central heat, indoor plumbing, and telecommunications.

One unusual aspect of the movie is that, though it is set in the Middle Ages, it is not about the nobility. We see the lives of ordinary folks who are typically ignored in books and movies.


6 thoughts on “Movie suggestion: Black Death

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  1. I was going to throwback to an early John Cusack classic tonight, but I think this might be even better!

  2. Does the movie explain how a pandemic could possibly have stopped without government intervention? Perhaps CDC bureaucrats have time traveled to stop the plague.

  3. All the black death movies are made by descendants of the survivors. We want to see a black death movie from someone who didn’t survive.

  4. **Spoiler Alert**

    For me, the ending of the movie is the most interesting part. It is about how a monk is turns into a cold and cruel women killer driven by a rage for losing his secret girlfriend.

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