CNN educates us regarding the glass ceiling

An immigrant friend’s comment on news from the CNN executive suite:

These are defenders of liberal morality and destroyers of glass ceilings

A Google search for

“glass ceiling”

yields 2,520 results. “10 reasons single women should be mad” (2017) is typical:

Many voters are upset with the status quo this year, but single women have an especially long list of reasons to be mad. Simply being born female in the United States means you’ll probably earn less than your male peers and pay more for life’s basic necessities.

American women get less money than men. Females earn 84 cents for every dollar a male does, according to Pew Research. PayScale says the gender gap is even worse: women make only 77 cents for every dollar that men do.

(Companies aren’t smart enough to cut their payroll costs by hiring only women, who do the same quality of work for 20 percent less.)

Whether you call it a glass ceiling or a pink ghetto, the reality is there aren’t many American women who make it to the top. PayScale found that the wage gap gets worse the higher up the career ladder women go. No wonder there are fewer female millionaires and billionaires.

Only 24 CEOs at America’s 500 biggest publicly traded companies are female. And the pipeline behind them isn’t encouraging. At large corporations, only 16.5% of the top five positions are held by women, according to a CNNMoney analysis last year.

More recently we learn from these experts on gender equality about a path to an executive VP job at CNN for a person who identified as female. From “CNN’s worst-kept secret that even NYC doormen knew about: Staff at swanky apartment building where Zucker AND his staffer lover had apartments would try to stop his wife from ending up in same elevator as her” (Daily Mail):

Ousted CNN President Jeff Zucker’s relationship with his subordinate Allison Gollust was such an ‘open secret’ that even doormen at the building where they both had apartments tried to ensure that Zucker’s wife and Gollust were never in the elevator together.

Zucker resigned from his $6 million-a-year job at the network on Wednesday, following an internal investigation into his relationship with Gollust, who works as CNN’s executive vice president and chief marketing officer.

‘Jeff and I have been close friends and professional partners for over 20 years,’ she wrote. ‘Recently, our relationship changed during COVID. I regret that we didn’t disclose it at the right time.’

But media sources have said the affair was an ‘open secret’ for more than 10 years – and even the doormen at their Manhattan apartment building tried to keep Allison and Zucker’s wife, Caryn, from interacting.

Their affair reportedly stretches back to when they both worked at NBC in the late 1990s. Zucker worked at the network from 1986 to 2010, becoming executive producer of the Today show, then head of NBC Entertainment before becoming president and CEO of NBC Universal.

America’s #2 expert on COVID-19 was also tied into this story…

In 2012, Gollust was picked by former Gov. Andrew Cuomo to serve as his communications director, before Zucker brought her into work at CNN, where he became president in 2013.


3 thoughts on “CNN educates us regarding the glass ceiling

  1. According to the instagrams, the women who brought us Kamals all married up to doctors, lawyers, & vice presidents. Not a single millennial picked a programmer or blog commenter.

  2. Harvard ladies who lunch are messing up the female earnings / glass ceiling / pink ghetto stats and will need to get back to work as they are squandering their chances to be CEO of a Fortune 500.

  3. I cannot comment on the CEO sphere, where it is easy to find many inept persons of both genders. In software development, however, there is a glass floor rather than a glass ceiling for those who identify as female.

    It is easy to see. Open source powers most of the largest corporations. Anyone could have written the Linux kernel and posted it on Usenet. In the case of alleged sexism, a hypothetical Lina Torvalds could have posted as Linus Torvalds. People rarely met in person!

    Yet, almost no women have contributed to open source or started projects. Following the #MeToo propaganda (around 2014), corporations have appropriated open source projects by indiscriminately hiring developers and putting them under their ideological tyranny.

    Many OSS projects took a quota of unproductive female developers, who set up CoCs and quickly became bureaucrat rulers. The men, now enslaved by corporations, did not dare to complain lest they’d lose their salaries.

    The same happened inside software corporations, which explains the level of wokeness and demands on behavioral compliance over actual work.

    I wonder if the ability of men to declare themselves women by ticking a box for HR offers a way out for the corporations: You can have the correct quota but still employ men.

    [This is about averages, there have always been phenomenal female developers, whose image is now also hurt by the quotas.]

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