Adult unvaccinated New Yorkers can go unmasked to the strip club; 3-year-olds must be masked in pre-K

“‘It’s time to reopen our city’: N.Y.C. mayor lifts a school mask mandate and indoor vaccination rules.” (New York Times, 3/4/2022):

Mayor Eric Adams said on Friday that he was officially ending New York City’s mask mandate for public schools and a proof-of-vaccination requirement for indoor dining, gyms and entertainment venues, a significant moment for a city that was once an epicenter of the pandemic.

Mr. Adams made the announcement in Times Square in Manhattan and said it was part of his efforts to reopen New York after a steep drop in coronavirus cases.

In other words, Science says that if you know that an intervention (mask orders and vaccine coercion) works the smartest thing to do is terminate that intervention to let the virus grow exponentially again. Thanks to Science, an adult New Yorker who has refused to accept the Sacrament of Fauci can mingle unmasked in strip clubs (watch for unexpected costs, though!), pack unmasked and unvaccinated into Madison Square Garden with 20,000+ potentially unvaccinated spectators, etc.

How about 3-year-olds? Can they now breathe freely during their DUPLO time? No:

Starting on Monday, students will no longer have to wear masks indoors at public schools. Children under 5 must continue to wear masks because they are not yet eligible for vaccination.


  • “The best strip clubs in NYC” (TimeOut, with 2016 prices): This 10,000-square-foot club took over the old Scores space, but it’s a much classier affair: … ($400 gets you 30 minutes of alone time) … Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club empire aims to be classy and approachable … Lap dance prices are equivalent to other clubs in the city; massages will run you about $100. … All-you-can-eat sushi served on a naked woman in its private Kabuki room ($250 per person).

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  1. “Thanks to Science, an adult New Yorker who has refused to accept the Sacrament of Fauci can mingle unmasked in strip clubs (watch for unexpected costs, though!)

    Clicking the link,

    “HUNTER Biden agreed to pay his stripper baby mama $2.5million to settle her paternity case despite claiming to have no income and “significant” debts, it is claimed.

    “Controversy-plagued Hunter, 50, came to the arrangement with Lunden Roberts, 29, who he reportedly met at a D.C. strip club, earlier this year but the amount of the settlement has remained under wraps – until now.

    The D.C. strippers sound expensive. If Hunter Biden conducted all his business in Eastern Europe he could have save some money and not have “significant” debts. Although he looks a bit thin and a heavily muscled guy with neck tattoos named Dimetri may have strongly encouraged Hunter Biden for to “donate” more than dollar bills.

  2. Now just think how much truth you are hearing grom the very same people about the war in Ukraine.

  3. Most of us should be glad we can visit New York strip clubs instead of being in preschool again, at least according to the Rules of COVID. It’s probably not a very good long-term strategy for the survival of our society, though. Even if you grant that there is some legitimate societal purpose served by New York strip clubs, one would think that making little children scared and forcing them to do stupid things is morally a lot more wrong than letting adults engage in their whacko, heedless behaviors as long as they’ve got some money to drop, like a “Jackson” for a “gesture.”

    But children don’t have much of a voice or a standing in the matter.

    It’s particularly revolting because there are a lot of kids in this country who go to bed hungry, live in very dysfunctional homes, and won’t ever understand exactly why. We know why. We let it happen, and in fact we encourage it.

    • I wonder every day why we bother trying to teach children the difference between right and wrong when we so evidently believe that those terms are meaningless and only matter as bargaining chips or not at all. They’re just meaningless now. We shouldn’t even try to teach children. By the time kids three years old get to 18 and become adults, Mark Zuckerberg says that we’ll all be living a virtual existence in the Metaverse.

      So who the fuck should care about anything?

    • Even more alarmingly, given Mark Zuckerberg’s plans to virtualize human existence, even the most violent and sinister plans in the current moment are inconsequential. If I was John von Neumann, I would just say: “USA and Europe OR Putin, here’s my advice: Fire NOW! Wipe everyone out if you want to rule over a planet of humans and then do what you’d prefer with them. Because in the Metaverse, nothing will really matter, so do it while it still counts!”

  4. > All-you-can-eat sushi served on a naked woman in its private Kabuki room

    But how do you know where the sushi ends and something else begins?

    • A long time ago I had a friend who identified as a woman who was also an art student at a big school in a big city. I met her because of the art school contact when I did some gig website work – she drew a few graphics for jobs I was doing. She also supplemented her income as an Intimate Massage Therapist from time to time, which I was surprised to learn one night when we went out for dinner at one of her favorite sushi joints. I was both surprised and fascinated that she was doing that kind of side gig, but I also realized: “Yeah, well you DO have a lot of nice clothes and don’t look exactly like a typical Starving Artist Art Student. Except for those glasses.” [Laugh] “I guess not, huh? I’ll have to work on that.”

      Long story short: “So how do you do that? I mean, it just seems so strange to me.”
      “It is at the beginning a little, but it’s an act. It’s like a costume you put on. You change clothes, you wear some lingerie, you screen the clients, you set a high bar, and you put on a little sexy show. They put the money down early and usually leave right on time, and if not, you call building security and the cops. It’s safe. It’s private. They don’t want trouble. They want the show and the attention. And the “special ending.” It’s not sex, at least I don’t feel like it’s sex. I have sex with my boyfriend.”

      “Whew, not the kind of thing I could do.”
      “Well, you don’t look like me. [Laugh]”
      “You’ve got me there, for sure.”

      Anyway, she loved sushi. In fact she identified as a “sushi vegan.” I said: “But fish are animals, too! They have nervous systems and blood and skeletons.”
      “Yeah, but they’re different. They’re from the sea. They’re not like cows or chickens or the other animals people eat.”
      “You know I can argue against that.”
      “Yeah but you won’t. I’m paying for this meal. Eat your sushi.”

    • @ Alex

      Some people are masters at cognitive dissonance. The well dressed starving artist art friend who identified as woman probably would not be keen to disclose he/she/they side hustle to their he/she/they significant other. Unless a baby appeared that happened to result in a 2.5 million paternity case settlement. Hopefully the side hustle isnt’ broke with “significant” debts.

    • @Paul: Yeah, I didn’t press the questioning to ask if the BF knew. I did learn a little about her capacity for compartmentalization and thought: “Don’t push too far and get “creepy” on her.” We were having a nice, friendly conversation and frankly I did enjoy her company.

    • @Alex

      Are you unfamiliar with the term “pescatarian”?


      As you learned in health class, you can’t get pregnant from intimate message unless one is careless about washing her hands afterwards. Just like as men, we have to be careful to wash our hands before urinating and after eating buffalo wings 🤣

    • @ScarletNumber: I have heard it before and I know there are cultures and subcultures that are principally pescatarian, but that’s now how she described herself. She really said: “Sushi Vegan.” At the time, that zingzanged around in my mind like a humor superball that I had a hard time not laughing. I kept thinking of Tom Hanks (or even better, John Candy) in “Splash.” But I did not break down! I held strong! I did not laugh at her. She was serious! I wasn’t gonna mess with it!

      At 1:30 – “I’m a free spirit! I’m extremely liberal! I’m a free-wheeling dude!”

  5. @ Alex

    Some people don’t react too well to having someone upset their cognitive dissonance so just as well.

    Fox News recently posted a youtube video interview with Condoleezza Rice, ( PhD ) where one Harris Faulkner says “when you invade a sovereign nation, that is a war crime” with one Ms. Rice nodding awkwardly with furrowed brow responding that it is against every principle of “international law”. Um, yeah, ok.

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