11 thoughts on “Extreme parking with low-profile tires

  1. I guess inflation isn’t as high as someone thought? 😉 [someone should report this abuse? (American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Sports Cars?)]

  2. 2022 BMW M8
    Luxury car
    MSRP: From $130,000
    Horsepower: 617 hp
    Engine: 4.4 L V8
    Curb weight: 4,295 to 4,560 lbs

    You would think for that price that BMW could include parking sensors for each front tire, as well as the front spoiler for those that drive high HP cars but have visual spatial issues. The front bumper already appears to be scuffed.

    • Would buyers pay extra for parking sensors? Not sure how BMW sells their cars in the US, but in Germany luxury car trims differ in looks, not so much in features. So even if you buy a 100000 EUR car, you have to pay extra for things like parking sensors and rear view cameras. There is a surprising amount of >100000 EUR cars on the road without any parking aids. And there’s nothing more embarrassing than the driver of an overpriced car who didn’t pay for parking sensors and needs several minutes to slowly and carefully park their expensive car in a tight spot.

    • “Would buyers pay extra for parking sensors?

      I just made up the parking sensors for tires feature. People may pay more for such a thing if they include the word “smart”. Smart tires, sounds much better than boring tires. Although if a low profile tire is damaged from poor parking skills and then driven at Autobahn speeds it won’t be boring.

  3. See that all the time in Calif*, thanks to home equity making Teslas disposable. The modern trend is to spend everything you have & rely on home equity for retirement, then get a reverse mortgage.

  4. That’s not good. Those also appear to be the optional 21″ factory 621 “M Series” BMW wheels – $1510.36 each from the aftermarket:


    and he (I assume but there are no pronouns displayed on the car) is running Michelin Pilot Sport S tires sized 275/35ZR20:

    The tires are in the $400 range each:


    This nimrod has taken it to the limit on close inspection and I wouldn’t drive over 75mph on those tires again. It’s completely preventable, too. I try to avoid doing anything like that in my crummy 2010 Ford Escape Hybrid.

    A lot of spoiled-rotten jackasses (and people in general) don’t deserve what they have in their hands, alas. Maybe a World War will straighten out their minds and give them some perspective…


    • Duh if they’re ZR20s they are mounted on 20″ wheels, not 21″. I’ll bet they’re still expensive. And if you have to replace one front tire, I would imagine BMW recommends replacing both of them at the least and a rebalance and realignment, plus a thorough check of the wheel trueness and any possible damage to the wheel itself…

  5. It’s possible the owner is identified as a woman with a divorce alimony income. If so, the BMW could be a pocket change.

    • Coincidentally, I was in a video chat with some friends back in Maskachusetts. One participant is a successful alimony plaintiff. She said that she’d just bought a Mercedes S580 ($150,000?).

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