8 thoughts on “General Motors delivering partially completed cars due to supply chain issues

  1. with the chip shortage they may have to dump the high tech fast shifting computer controlled dual clutch transmission in favor of the old fashioned manual transmission.

    • Thanks, Paul! The Facebook fact-checkers will eventually get around to adding a “missing context” to this and explaining that it is a cut-away Corvette C8 Z06 (the latest and greatest iteration).

    • CLAIM: The vehicle has been cut open for exhibition purposes.

      FACT: The claim is false. The vehicle has been damaged by insurrectionists on Jan 6th!

    • CLAIM: GM is running out of parts and so is the world.

      FACT: This is one of the Transformers from Cybertron.

  2. That’s the Johnny Cash “One Piece at a Time” C8. “If you can put it together on the dealership lot, we’ll give it to you!”

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