People banned from Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube can buy back their Freedom of Speech for $1,595

Folks who’ve been unpersoned by Twitter, Facebook, and/or YouTube/Google might feel that their practical freedom of speech is gone. The good is is that it can be bought back from the U.S. Mint for $1,595 via the First Amendment to the United States Constitution 2022 Platinum Proof Coin – Freedom of Speech:

If you want the FBI’s January 6 task force to come to your house, add a Donald Trump medal to your shopping cart:

If you want to celebrate a Nobel laureate who has been complicit in what the U.S. now says is “genocide”, the Daw Aung San Suu Kyi Bronze Medal:

Continuing the theme of celebrating the achievements of strong women, here’s one for the Apollo 11 astronauts:

To celebrate weekend warriors who like to put on uniforms, give themselves officer rank and uniforms, and buzz around in mighty Cessna 172s, one for the Civil Air Patrol:

To remember that Big Government is not always competent, one regarding the USS Indianapolis (Navy failed to notice that the ship hadn’t arrived and failed to take any action, not even a search plane launch, in response to a distress call received from the vessel before she sank):

The Mint celebrates John Muir, who advocated eliminating low-skill immigration to the U.S. in order to preserve the environment:

(See “The Extremist Campaign to Blame Immigrants for U.S. Environmental Problems” (Center for American Progress): “John Muir, known as the father of national parks, expressed racism toward Black and Native Americans and promoted ideas of restricting immigration by nonwhites.”)

4 thoughts on “People banned from Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube can buy back their Freedom of Speech for $1,595

  1. Or like Elon Musk pay $2B for 9.5% of Twitter, see your stock appreciate by 50% in a few weeks and get a board seat by insiders worried about being ejected. I’d prefer it if Twitter were turned into a literal dumpster fire rather than the figurative one it is at the moment, but I’m happy to get popcorn for what ensues next.

  2. Noticed all the $2800 1 oz gold coins are sold out, which makes no sense because the government said it was going to raise interest rates any moment, 15 years ago. Investing in coins seems like a hassle when it comes time to sell them. Then you have to pay the rent or spend $3 million on a house to store them. Maybe an aircraft aluminum Greenspun coin would be worth the cost of an R44, but they don’t even have gootube stars.

  3. “People banned from Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube can buy back their Freedom of Speech for $1,595

    I don’t think social media companies will care about US Mint Freedom of Speech platinum coins as they make a lot already in ad-revenue.

    23 Astounding Google Revenue Statistics to Ogle in 2022

    3. In 2020, Google generated $5,700 per second.

    80% of Google’s revenue came from ads in 2020.

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